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In present day terms, history and Psychology are not really related. However, history allows psychologists to study how human and animal behavior has changed throughout the years. Examples of this would include the study of Adolf Hitler before and during World War II and the study of Napoleon.

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Relationship between psychology and history?

psychology is the science of mind and history is the study of mans action in the past.history and psychology are closely related to each study the motive behind each human actions study of psychology is important

History of psychology and its development in the Philippines?

History of development of psychology in the Philippines

What has the author Michael M Sokal written?

Michael M. Sokal has written: 'A guide to manuscript collections in the history of psychology and related areas' -- subject(s): History, Psychology, Manuscripts, Archival resources, MANU CATA

What is anthropology in relation to psychology?

Both anthropology and psychology are apart of the social sciences. Psychology focuses on the brain and human behavior. This social science can be closely related to biology. Anthropology studies cultures over time, looking at how they change. This social science can be closely related to history.

How those sciences related in economics history physics finance ethics biology sociology psychology?

cheche bureche

What is the relationship of psychology to history?

a relationship between the psychology and history to know the attitude of the pass people

How is history related to other social disciplines?

History is a part of every single social discipline. It describes for example how psychology was studied before and how it is studied now.

History of physiological psychology?

who is the father of physiological/biological psychology

Humanistic psychology is MOST closely related to?

Positive Psychology

Birth of experimental psychology in Nigeria?

history of experimental psychology in nigeria

What science is related to the study of world history?

economics, political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, geography,anthropology, archaeology and demography

How is history related to economics philosophy psychology sociology political science?

The repetiton on its order of existence, there is no changes on its principles it is only repeated

Why is psychology related to economics?

Psychology and economics are more related than most people thing. The human psychology guides people when they make economic decisions.

What has the author Philip John Tyson written?

Philip John Tyson has written: 'Psychology in social context' -- subject(s): Social aspects, PSYCHOLOGY / History, Psychology, History

What is History of modern approaches on psychology?

== ==

Is psychology a subdivision of history?

No, it isn't.

What other discipline which are related to political science?

the discipline that are relate to political science are history,geography,economics,philosophy,psychology,sociology,jurisprudence

What is the phone number of the Center For History Of Psychology in Akron Ohio?

The phone number of the Center For History Of Psychology is: 330-972-7285.

How is psychology related to natural science?

How is psychology studied from a non scientific appraoch?

Why science related to psychology?

Science means a study of something. Psychology is a study of the brain and behaviors. Psychology is science.

What are the different fields of science that closely related in psychology?

I would say that Behavioral Science and Neuroscience are most closely related to Psychology.

In the history of psychology and social psychology the late 1800s and early 1900s?

This isn't a question...

What is the web address of the Center For History Of Psychology in Akron Ohio?

The web address of the Center For History Of Psychology is:

What is the area of expertise of a psycology?

the area of expertise of a psychologist is psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of a person and their behaviors and mental processes. any field of employment like psychology would be considered a science or a history. sometimes it is considered both, actually. (: most of your social sciences and psychology are closely related, especially sociology. The difference in Psychology and Sociology is that Sociology studies groups of people. Psychology focuses on an individual(:

What are the branches of science that are related to political science?

History Economics Philosophy Psychology Sociology Public Administration Law Business Administration Accountancy Engineering

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