How is hockey played?

Exactly how hockey is played depends on the etams, the level of competition, and most importantly the type of hockey involved. The two major variations are field hockey and ice hockey, and apart from the fact they involve a stick to move an object, are pretty much completely different.

More information can be found by asking about the specific type you refer to; answering for both in the same question would just take far too long to be any use.

Hockey is a game played with skates. It is known to be played on ice but you can also play roller hockey. The equipment for hockey is; skates,stick,shin guards,helmet, elbow pads, gloves,hockey pants, and if you play ice hockey, you'll need a few extra things. In hockey there is a puck and players try to get the puck into the opponent's net. There are usually about five players on the rink for each team not including the goalies. Some divisions are played with four players for each team, in that case there'd be no offsides and no icing. There are three 15-20 minute periods, again it depends on the division. After the third period, who ever has the most goals, wins. Hockey is really a team sport and you have to be a good team player. There are 3 forwards and two defense. Or if it's four on four then you could play as two and two or 3 and 1. Those are just the basic rules of hockey. It'd take a lot of time to explain all the rules. Like offsides, icing, penalties.....