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It's either randomly drawn, or the names are randomly drawn and the trainers get to pick what position they want in the order their horse's name is drawn.


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If you are referring to their number in the race, then yes. Obviously, their number will vary from race to race as they have different post positions for different races.

In Thoroughbred racing, the numbers are determined by starting position, with number 1 having the pole position (closest to the inside) and the largest number being the furthest to the outside.

It's either randomly drawn, or the names are randomly drawn and the trainers get to pick what position they want in the order their horse's name is drawn.

Post position draw is on the Wednesday before the race.

The bugler blows "Call to Post"

In horse racing the odds are determined by the bets placed. Betting stops when the race starts. These determine the final odds.

The Call To The Post, also known as First Call

"Brought down" in horse racing means that the horse was disqualified from the race due to: a) a stewards' inquiry or; b) a jockey lodged an objection and upon review of the race it was determined that the "brought down" horse interfered witht another horse during the course of the race. All wagers placed on the horse that is brought down are forfeited and redistributed to bettors who have the horse that legitimately finished in his/her place.

Horses are lined up with the 1 horse being on the far left of the starting gate. They draw to see which post position they will have. The load horses into the gates usually in order in less they know a horse won't stand still for very long then that horse is the last to load.

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are 7 to 2.

Yes, it WAS a race, it is no longer a horse race.

Yes, you can place bets until the horses are running.

A horse race in which the owner declares before the race how much the horse will be offered for sale after the race.

The person who rides a horse in a horse race is called a jockey

Secretariat was the fastest race horse ever.

The rider of a horse in a race is called a Jockey.

the derby is the largest horse race in the world.

Its a one horse race means that it is as easy as winning a race against your own self (horse).

No, a race horse can run 40-50mph. a zebra can run up to about 35mph so no a race horse is faster

The Moto GP standings are determined by how many points the riders receive in each race. For riders, the points which count towards their World Championship total will be those gained in each race. For Constructors, only the highest placed motorcycle of a Constructor will gain points, according to the position in the race.

1 Horse in a Race (1 Horse Race)

a young thorough race horse of course!

no a horse i tranned to race fast yes.(:

"His horse was trained to race." is a simple sentence.

The race of a child is determined by the race of the father.

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