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How is housing and the credit crunch hurting the economy?


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March 27, 2008 4:25PM

Credit Crunch in 2008: How Do Business Owners Get Loans?

This year is starting off in a very rough way for many small business owners. Mid-size and large companies are all dropping proposed projects. The credit squeeze is on! Companies can't get the financing that they were relying on, deals aren't getting done, and the ones that really suffer are the small business owners that rely on the economics of the larger corporations.

Citi Bank just reported a $10 billion dollar loss. Other banks are in similar situations. Deals are just not going to be done the same way they were. (By the way, a $10 billion dollar loss is the equivalent to the ENTIRE economy of Iceland, or Jamaica. A $10 billion dollar loss is the equivalent to both the Republic of Congo and the West Bank being wiped out simultaneously.

So what are the small business owners doing to get out of this miserable downward spiral? How do you expand a business? Even hotter is the question on everyone's mind: how do you start a project or a venture? More and more, eyes and ears are turning to business credit. Not only the small business owners desperate for loans, but the financing companies themselves are turning to business credit. Dell Financial, for example, is the largest lender of custom computers to small business owners and they have started a major push in 2008 towards business credit based loans. has published education material to help small business owners understand the importance of business credit and how to obtain credit lines under the business name.

Other major lending institutions are following Dell's footsteps and are joining alternative financing lenders in business credit based loans. If you are a business owner without a business credit profile, start now! This is the future to all lending, short term and long term.

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