How is ice formed on Antarctica?

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Antarctic ice is formed very slowly when ice crystals -- the only forms of precipitation over 99.9% of the continent -- stick to existing ice and are covered with other ice crystals. Over millenia, the ice becomes so heavy that it presses out all minerals other than oxygen and hydrogen, and becomes clear.

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Q: How is ice formed on Antarctica?
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How is an ice cap and ice shelf and pack ice formed in Antarctica?

because the climate of Antarctica is cold

Why did antarctica turn to ice?

Antarctica did not turn to ice, but ice formed over the continent and covers about 98% of it.

What do people in antarctica use to not crack ice?

Generally, the ice in Antarctica is several feed thick. Otherwise, on freshly formed ice, people step carefully so as not to crack the ice.

How is the ice at Antarctica formed?

Ice is always formed when moisture reaches below 32 degrees F -- O degrees C -- anywhere on earth.

How the ice of Antarctica have been formed?

It's in the ice that melt over the ice plateu and fall to the water and floats until it melts.

Is Antarctica snow or ice?

antarctica is an ice continent

What percentage of the ice can find in the antarctica?

One hundred percent of the ice found in Antarctica Antarctica.

Where does the ice in Antarctica come from?

All ice is formed from moisture. The average humidity on the Antarctic continent is about five percent. What of that humidity that doesn't evaporate, freezes into ice.

How can sodium chloride be formed in Antarctica?

- Antarctica hasn't rocks on the surface and rivers to trasport salt. - Ice has an extremely low concentration of sodium chloride.

What is the percentage of the ice in Antarctica?

One hundred percent of the ice in Antarctica is ice.

What is the name of the thick layer of ice and snow that has formed permanent crust over Alaska and antarctica?


What are three different types of ice in Antarctica?

There may be more, but here are three:Sea ice, formed once the sun sets and can reach depths of up to 12 feet.Pancake ice, formed as the season begins to cool on the surface of the sea.Glacial ice, which is pure ice -- no minerals, which is formed over the eons of ice crystals blowing around the continent.

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