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He will receive a letter within thirty to sixty days.

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Q: How is inmate notified of parole revocation?
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Where do you find out a persons parole decision?

Inmates typically are notified of the parole decision within thirty days of the hearing. It is possible in some situations for this to take longer, but typically the inmate is notified of this as well.

What are parole revocation hearings?

Parole revocation hearings occur when a former prisoner has violated his or her parole in some way. Once caught, a parole revocation hearing is scheduled to determine if the defendant's parole will be officially revoked or not.

How does an inmate acquire information about future parole hearings?

Inmates facing parole hearing are notified thirty days prior to the scheduled hearing by the facility where they are housed or by the Department of corrections.

Can an inmate be held in prison after his parole date?

It depends on the circumstances as to whether or not an inmate can be held in prison after his parole date. On average, once the parole date comes, the inmate is released.

When an offender violates the terms of his parole and is returned to prison it is called?


When an offender violates the terms of his parole and is returned to prison it is called what?


How do you locate a parole officer for a federal inmate in the state of Kentucky?

You don't. There is no federal parole.

What does revocation of probation or parole requires?

Revocation is ordered. when conditions set. Are not met in respect of the court or judicial services. And the standards in effect.

When does a parole hold get lifted?

The term of their parole is given to the parolee at the time they are released on parole. If they satisfactorily complete their parole they will be notified of that fact by their Parole Officer or the court.

How can you find parole date for federal inmate?

Federal inmates don't get parole dates because there is no such thing as parole in the federal system.

How can i find out a inmate parole release date?

Contact the Prison which he is residing

Sample Letter for parole hearing?

i need a sample letter to parole and probation,I am coming up for parole and would like to know how to wroite the letter

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