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How is it possible to have HIV when your only ever partner is HIV-negative?


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February 27, 2008 4:24PM

There are four possible scenarios. # If it is a recent transmission (within the last three months) there is a remote possibility that your partner actually is HIV-positive, but hasn't yet developed the antibodies that would be detected in a routine HIV test. # You also have to consider the possibility that your partner isn't being honest with you. How do you know that they tested and that the result was negative? Were you actually there? # You were born with HIV (although, to be honest) it is highly unlikely that you would have gotten this far without finding out and experiencing any symptoms).

# Assuming that your partner really isn't HIV-positive, then the answer could be in one of the following possibilities: * some sort of occupational exposure to HIV (a needlestick injury perhaps) * through piercing / tattooing with unsterilised equipment * shared needles (drug use / inoculations) Without knowing more, my immediate suspicion would be directed towards the honesty of your partner.