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How is it that Google Answers has fallen by the wayside yet WikiAnswers marches on?


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Google Answers crashed and burned due to the lack of accurate answers and the fact that no one could edit the answers that were on Google Answers. WikiAnswers allows anybody to contribute, and doesn't simply search for answers - WikiAnswers MAKES answers. With the help of WikiAnswers' rival, Yahoo! Answers, both inadvertently teamed up and crushed Google Answers out of the answers competition.


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No, WikiAnswers is a Question & Answers website. WikiAnswers email addresses are hosted by Google.

By using WikiAnswers. Or Google. ___ You can get the answer by typing it in on the ask bar

No, yet Wiki Answers is still very well to use but Google has much more available features. Google has the information in the world unlike wikianswers

Google and WikiAnswers are two different kinds of websites. Google is a search engine. It searches through all sites on the web and gives you results. WikiAnswers is a Question and Answer database. You ask a question and someone else answers it. There is no competition between Google and WikiAnswers. Google provides better/faster results in some cases, while WikiAnswers is better in others.

Wikianswers gives personal answers (sometimes). If you get the right answerer, you are guaranteed a correct - as far as we know - answer. Google just trolls the web pages.

Google Account's can be linked on your account setting's and will also be linked in when signing up for wiki answers.

Google tried Google Answers in the past and it is now out of commission. Yahoo! already has their own answers site, Yahoo! Answers. is a competitor to Yahoo! Answers. There's no way to predict whether Google or Yahoo might buy out or whether might buy out web properties from Google or Yahoo in the future.

WikiAnswers is a great website for asking questions and getting answers. When someone has a question, WikiAnswers is one of the places they can go to get an answer. Answers on WikiAnswers also rank high on search engine results for many questions, so people can easily find out about the website while searching Google

just search this into google, use wikiAnswers as a last resource, google has way more answers and it also gives you links to sites. yahoo's is jjust as good, but yahoo!answers is the best

There is alot of questions that Wikianswers CAN'T answer, like "How old is my father?" Some questions might just be un-known. Look on Bing or Google to help

Google is a search engine. WikiAnswers is a knowledge sharing site.

WikiAnswers works fine in Google Chrome.

You do not advertise at WikiAnswers, what you can do is have links to your website via your user profile. WikiAnswers is starting to utilize Google AdWords on its site, so if you would like to advertise in the answers, my advice to you is to open an AdWords account. See the related link below for the Answers Cloud Services page where companies can request information on how to advertise there business on WikiAnswers.

The owners and shareholders of Answers Corp. and Google, Inc. Part of the revenue is distributed each year to eligible student applicants in the form of the WikiAnswers Scholarship.

That's a good question. Maybe because you don't like Yahoo Answers... Maybe because they shut down Google Answers... Maybe you just like the WikiAnswers system better... Whatever reason... Wikianswers will always be the best Q&A site on the webThat's a good question.Maybe because you don't like Yahoo Answers...Maybe because they shut down Google Answers...Maybe you just like the WikiAnswers system better...Whatever reason...Wikianswers will always be the best Q&A site on the webBecause it gives me something to do.

Google search - is a search engine. WikiAnswers is a forum. I guess? I would have to disagree, I believe google, wikipedia, and wikianswers are the mot helpful from my experiences.

Because WikiAnswers is an answer site with no capability to display images in answers. Try Google image search.

Google answers my question !

Go onto google and type wikianswers

Best Website for Answers?Our users give us their is the best website.WikiAnswers of course.I like to use Google to find answers, because on WikiAnswers, anyone could type anything in. Another I like to use is There's really no right or wrong answer to this may be an awesome site for answers, but there are way more websites for answers. For instance has a lot of great answers or Google has a lot of answers. So what I am saying is you never know for sure what the best site for answers is the best.You are on it right now!

There aren't. If you are reading this question, then you are on WikiAnswers, and there are no google ads on WikiAnswers on the top.

Google Answers was created in 2002.

Google Answers ended in 2006.

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