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How is language learned?

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There are different theories of how language is learned. One is the reinforcement model. This explains language development is the result of learning through the pairing of stimulus and response in the presence of appropriate reinforcement. Then, there is the social learning theory. This theory states that children learn language by listening, observing, and imitating models. The interactions between people teach the child.

A new theory about learning language as a second language states that if a child is speaking in the first language ( L1) to learn a second language (L2) he or she must be fully versed in the first language. The L1 acts as a foundation for the learning of the L2. Without this the learning of the L2 is much harder.

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How is language best learned and spoken?

It is best learned among native speakers of the language.

Is language learned through imitation and reinforcement?

Yes, language is learned in those ways.

Who was the chimp who learned to write?

Washoe learned sign language...

How is it that language understood?

you learned it

Is language inherited?

no it is learned

You have learned sign language what can you do with it?

I learned sign language when my father started to go deaf. He doesn't like his hearing aids so what can a person do but learn sign language.

What type of trait is spoken language?

Spoken language is a learned trait.

Shakespeares learned what language at school?


What was the programming language you learned if you choose it why did you do so If it was chosen by others why do you think they choose it?

I learned BASIC, because it was the easiest high-level language to learn. From there, I learned Visual Basic, and now I am learning C++.

Is Writing is an act that must be learned?

Yes. Everything about language must be learned: it does not "come naturally."

How many sign language signs koko learned?

she learned 1,000 signs and makes more.

What does first language mean?

one's native language; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next.

Did Christopher Columbus take away indigenous language to speak Spanish?

No. He and others who came after him had to learn at least the most basic language. The natives learned a little Spanish and the explorers learned a little of the other's language.

How do you change the language on your MySpace?

Start by learning another language. If you get lucky, you will have learned the language your MySpace page is currently set to.

Do the people of Poland understand English?

If they have learned the language then of course they can.

How did Sacagawea help translate on the expedition?

she or he learned the language i think

What is the difference between second language and native language?

A second language (L2) is any language learned after the first language or mother tongue. A native language is the language a human being learns from birth.

How is language abituary?

Language is not arbitrary. It is learned culture, and is constrained by cultural norms even as it evolves along with them.

Is there any prerequisite for learning basic java language?

Not really. It can well be learned as a first programming language.

Who was the only president whose first language was not English?

Martin Van Buren learned Dutch before he learned English.

Where did Amelia Earhart learn sign language?

She learned sign language at a school. It actually wasn't a school it was a website.

What is xenoglossy?

Xenoglossy is either knowledge of a language one has never learned, or the act of speaking a language one is not familiar with.

How old was Helen Keller when she learned sign language?

we are not sure 1

What language did Anne Frank and her sister learn?

i do believe it was French they learned.

Is Spanish spoken in Norway?

No, not unless the speaker learned it as a foreign language.