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Einstein was not an inventor, and did not invent anything.


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Albert einsteins discovery is important because without everything he invented we wouldn't of been able to go to space today or do many things involving what he invented' bamm!

I think you better check your question - Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

his discoveries are primarily responsible for : nuclear power, digital cameras, lasers, modern electronics, superconductors, gps systems, cell phones, etc...

In reality, Albert Einstein was not an inventor and did not create physical artifacts. HIs claim to fame were his ideas and theories. They are responsible for many things that we consider indispensable every day like computers, GPS, and space travel.

Two Roman inventions that we still use today are concrete and an updated version of the taxi meter.

We are using lots of his inventions! to find out more research his inventions!

it would be when they had made the colluseum thats when the big inventions came into play

they have the the theator im thinking

Yes. he created the lightbulb.

The man was a Genius in his time, many and or most of his ideas, inventions, theories, etc. are or have been used today. The man and what he gave to the World still amazes people today.

There are many Greek inventions that are still used today. Some of these include the alarm clock, central heating, the thermometer, maps, cannons, as well as wheelbarrows.

paper ans the plow was invented in china and is used today

I think because much of his inventions are used a lot today.

some inventions needed today go something like this..... something that helps u with cooking , cleaning and find u the right job . That's what i would say.

Their brains, of course. They may not have had technology like we do today, but nevertheless, all inventions are inspired by an idea.

Without Mesopotamian inventions, we may not have had sailboats, musical notation, calanders, and even the wheel!

Yes I believe so.We wouldn't have the inventions of today without updating the old ones.

Cement, glass, and sail boats are three inventions that originated in Rome and are still used today.

domes, aqueducts,and system of laws

Thomas Edison had many inventions that are still in use today. These inventions include the tin foil phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, electricity, the motion picture player, and many others.

Toilet paper, gun powder, cast iron, and magnetic compasses are just a few of the great many ancient Chinese inventions still in use today.

There are countless technological inventions that are completely obsolete today. Some of these are the Wang calculator, the Betamax video tape, the phonograph, computer tape drives, and the Telex machine.

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