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How is like and love alike?

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beefsteak fungus, boletus, bracket fungus, cep, chanterelle, death cap, destroying angel, fairy ring champignon, field mushroom, fly agaric, horn of plenty, inky cap, lichen, mildew, mold, morel, mushroom, orange-peel fungus, oyster mushroom, puffball, stinkhorn, toadstool, truffle, yeast

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Is chris colfer in the video love you like a love song?

No, that's not him. but the two look alike.

How are a cat and a dog alike?

a dog and a cat are a like be their ability to love there owner!<3

How are screw and nails alike?

girls love it when you do it

How are longhouses alike to adobe houses?


How are dogs alike?

They have the same structures of body in a physical way, but in behaviour dogs bark at noises, they love to play(have fun), curious creatures and they like to sniff around. That's how dogs are alike!

How are love and hate alike?

at ages4-12 hate is early love but the rest... no

How is Thanksgiving and Christmas alike?

you spend them with people that you love

How are Sodapop and Darry alike?

They both love Ponyboy.

Who was greek goddess of peace?

Aphrodite's the goddess of love. Love and peace are exactly alike.

Is the mini cooper a girls car?

No. Its a DRIVER'S car. Men or women alike... "drive it like you stole it" and you'll fall in love.

How are windmills and sails alike?

i think that windmills and sails are alike like this

How are canyons and trenches alike?

canyons and threnches are alike because they are both deep and they love each other

How are boston and philadelphia alike?

their both in love with natasha nicholls

How are the speakers in both Shakespearean sonnets alike?

They both are in love.

What are lions and monkey alike?

they have backbones i love u america

Is romeo santoes alike like aventura?

i think because they look alike

How are volcanoes and wildfires alike?

they are alike they both have sparks and spread like normal

How are cats and dogs alike?

dogs and cats are alike for a few reasons--some alike by physical characteristics: --- they both have four paws --- they can both be born in any type of breed --- they both have to be taken care of --- they both require lots of love and attention --- they both require medical needs and exercise --- they both love to be rewarded with treats --- they both need to be scolded sometimes but don't like to be and so on...............

What is Words that sound alike or look alike?

The words that sound alike but look different are called homophones (like rain and reign).

How do you use the word alike in a sentence?

"The twins dressed alike to confuse the minds of their dates." "Humans are like snowflakes, no two are alike."

Do all frogs look alike?

No, most animals are like us; no two are alike.

How are the colonies of Rhode Island and Pennsylvania alike?

you love guss carr

How are sharks and alligators alike?

there not, stupid they love each other though

How can you tell when is a guy in love with you?

there is no way to tell they look exactly alike.

Is a like different than like?

"Is alike different to like?" Generally, 'alike' is used to refer to things that are similar, E.G. Those two friends are very alike. Where 'like' is used to talk about things that are almost the same, E.G. Those two friends are like twins!