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How is love happen?

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When two people bond, sometimes only one person feel the love. You get nervous, you don't want to stop talking to the person. It is different for many people.

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What will happen after the love has gone?

Another love blossoms

What does love latency mean?

Hidden love (like love waiting to happen...?)

What happen if the person you love don't love you?

that person is not meant for you.

When did I Love Softball happen?

I Love Softball happened in 1989.

When did Love Football happen?

Love Football happened in 360.

Can a person who has never loved before fall in love?

Yes it can happen, if you love them or/and they love you

What happen when we are in love?

When we are in love, we think more of the person we love. We want to provide love and care to the person we love and be around them.

What is the right age for love?

love can happen at almost any age.

Does unexpected love happen?


Love at first sight is not real?

love at first sight is real. it doesn't always happen like everyone thinks, but it can happen

How you can produce love that she love with me?

love comes when an accident happen like i fell on aboys lap and love came

Can miracles happen in love?

I believe they can. Miracles happen quite often so why not in love too? I've seen amazing things happen to people when they are in love and we never know what life will bring to us so anything is possible!

Can you be in love someone that your not in relationship with?

yes, definetly... love is a feeling of respect,love n trustworthiness towards the other person... being in a relation only dosent make love happen love can happen at any time at any place....

How do you get someone you have a crush on to love you?

You wait and hope for the best. If it's meant to happen, it will. If it's not meant to happen there is no way you can "make" someone love you.

Can a guy or girl be in love one day and not in love the next day?

It can happen if it was a "crush" and not true love.

Why she not love you?

There is no simple answer but you can't make it happen.

Does love always happen when you least expect it?


Why does reproductin happen?

Cos of love baby!

Finding true love?

Love happens when you least expect it. If you stop looking for love it will be more likely to happen.

How do you fall in love again can it happened?

i do not know if you can fall in love again but it could happen?

How do you get someone love you?

heres the secret... YOU CANT. you cant get someone you love you. it just has to happen. one person could come to love another person over time but you cant just make it happen.

Can love happen at first sight?

Yes. My husband says when he saw me it was love at first sight. Some people can just tell when they see someone that they will fall in love with them. I don't completely understand it but it does happen.

How can you stop love?

Answer You can't. We cannot make ourselves love someone and we cannot make ourselves stop loving someone. I don't care what anyone says, you cannot make love happen or not happen. If it is real love you will never be able to stop it.

What are sweet words to tell a girl to make her love you more?

There are no words you can say to make anyone love you more. Love is what it is. No one makes it happen; it just does. If anyone had the secret to making love happen, that one would be rich beyond imagination.

Why did st Valentine's Day happen?

cuz of love