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How is mainframe computer said to be a multiuser operating system?

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More than one user can use the mainframe at once.

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Is a multiuser operating system also described as a network operating system?

Yes, a multiuser operating system is also described as a network operating system.

Is windows NT is a multiuser operating system?

yes. windows nt is a multiuser operating system

What system is the father of almost all modern multiuser systems?


Is Windows7 a multiuser operating system?

No, it`s a single-user operating system.

What is the name of 1 multiuser operating system?


What is a multiuser operating system?

i multiuser operating system allow many people on many different computer to use and do that same tasks at the same time i multiuser operating system allow many people on many different computer to use and do that same tasks at the same timeMulti-user is a term that defines an operating system or application software that allows concurrent access by multiple users of a computerMulti-user OS is that which support more than one users at the same time. In these types of OS there is a server and all the users are provided different terminals.

What are the disadvantages of having two users on your computer?

They cannot use the same computer in the same time, only if it runs a multiuser operating system (unix).

What is an example of a multiuser operating system?

Linux is a good example.

Difference between unix and windows?

unix is a multiuser operating system but widows is a single user operating system.

Is Linux a single-user or multi-user operating system?

Linux is a Multiuser operating system.

Window operating system is multiuser operating system or not?

Read your EULA. The license encourages you, and only you, to use the PC, even if you install sshd or vnc so others can use it. Now ask yourself if Debian Linux is a multiuser operating system.

How will I justify Windows is a multiuser operating system?

That would depend on how you define multiuser:in the traditional timesharing sense and as Multics, Unix and VMS was designed to be multiuser, where it means many people may login to one computer at the same time via terminals connected to that computer, Windows is clearly NOT multiuser.As a system where many user accounts can exist on one computer and any of these people can login ONE AT A TIME and can access servers through a network that other users can access at the same time, Windows is multiuser.

Example of multiuser single task operating system?

Novell Netware ? ? ?

What is a purpose of a main frame?

They are large in size, processes of power and high level of reliability , amount of storage , mainframe have ability to run multiple operating system. they are designed to handle very high volume input and output and a single mainframe can replace dozens or even hundreds of smaller severs.

What is difference between operating system of mainframe computer and personal computer?

A personal computer is a computer meant for home users and is typically a single CPU with a maximum of a quad core technology whereas a mainframe is a computer which is meant for organizations and is typically comprised of thousands of processors.

Is xp a multi user operating system? xp is not a multiuser os....

Is windows 2000 a single user or multiuser operating system?

it is a multi user OS

Is Linux a single user operating system?

It is a multitasking, multiuser opearting. It is a version of UNIX .

What is the difference of single user system and multi user system?

A single user system is like a standalone PC. A multiuser system is several PCs or terminals networked to a server or a mainframe.

What is the differences between multiprogramming operating system and multiuser operating system?

Multiprogramming System: In multiprogramming system the same memory is shared by different number of programmes. MultiUser system: More than one user can use the system at a time.There will one centralized server and the users connected with the system are called as dump terminals.

What is a computer operating system and how can you classify a computer's operating system?

1. Operating System - The software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, receiving input, displaying and communicating output to screen or print, and controlling peripherals.2. The operating environment of the computer - Supercomputer, Mainframe, Server, Desktop, Workstation, Handheld, Real time, Embedded system, Smart card operating system, Specialized operating system.

What are the main difference between operating system for mainframe computer and pcs?

Mian nahi btaun gi.

What system is the predecessor of almost all modern multiuser systems?

There is no correct answer without qualifying which multiuser systems are being discussed. All modern operating systems have inherited traits and abilities from other older multiuser systems. There are multiple multiuser operating systems currently in use. IBM has their mainframe system (Z/os) as well as IBM i, both multiuser systems are unique from each other and from other systems. IBM also has AIX, a descendant of unix. Current unix systems go back to the original proprietary AT&T unix implementation in the 1970's and 1960's. Unix itself was modeled after a multiuser system called Multics. Linux was modeled after unix but written independently of it. Microsoft Windows NT was designed by Dave Cutler who brought his experience in developing OpenVMS with him. All other Microsoft Window implementations follow from that.

What are the examples of mainframe computer?

IBM zSeries and System z9 computers are examples of the mainframe computers. System z10 servers are also examples of the mainframe computers.

Is window xp single-user or multi-user operating system?