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In terms of health, marijuana helps people neurologically and mentally. On the other hand, smoking a single joint is the same as smoking 3-5 cigarettes in terms of lung damage. (Source: The biggest drawback to smoking marijuana versus cigarettes is basically breathing related. Even though cannabis possesses far less carcinogens then cigarettes, the fact that most joints are unfiltered compared with the fact that many cannabis smokers do not immediately exhale upon taking a drag improves the chances of developing respiratory issues.

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Q: How is marijuana worse than cigarettes?
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Which is worse marijiana or cigarettes?

Cigarettes have much more harmful chemicals than marijuana but you hold marijuana smoke in your lungs longer than cigarettes, which is why it is also bad. I think cigarettes are worse.

Is marijuana worse than beer?

no it is not. beer is way worse for you than marjuana... and cigarettes are worser than marijuana also. wich is why pot should be legal.

Marijuana is better than what?

everything Alcohol and cigarettes are worse than marijuana for you.

How this difference makes marijuana potentially more dangerous than cigarette smoking?

The only way marijuana is worse than cigarettes is that it contains more tar than some cigarettes however cigarettes are more dangerous because of the additives in them

Is marijuana worse for you then a cigarettes?

No, marijuana has been proven to have some beneficial sideffects, unlike cigarettes which have absolutely nothing beneficial in them, just poisens.

Does smoking marijuana worsen copd?

Of course-it's worse than cigarettes although you probably smoke less

How bad are cigarettes compared to marijuana?

"Marijuana is much worse than cigarettes. In fact, smoking just one joint of Marijuana has the same effects on your body as smoking a whole pack of cigarettes." this is the biggest lie ever. marijuana at a specific amount contains about 33% of the harmful chemicals as tabaco , and these chemicals are soluable unlike the tar from tabaco . the THC chemical in marijuana contains no toxins wat so ever. cigarettes are worse, to answer your question, and there has bin no evidence of anyone dying from the actual use of marijuana, an average of 75 people a year die while "high" on marijuana, but ther is no certain connection between marijuana and the deaths

Is smoking marijuana worse than smoking cigarettes?

NO! Unless it's excessive. Everything is bad for you if done in excess

What are three reasons why marijuana is illegal?

Marijuana is mind altering It is much more deadly than cigarettes It is also the "gateway drug" and usually leads worse drugs

How are cigarettes worse then marijuana?

weed gets you stoned cigarettes dont get you high cigarettes suck! also if you smoke marijuana with a bong or a vapo its much healther; (most people for get that when compairing the two.)

Are cigarettes safer than marijuana?

not at all! cigerettes cause lung cancer and marijuana does not

Which is worst for your body marijuana or cigarettes?

Marijuana is harder on your lungs, but given time, you can get lung cancer from both. Cigarettes are legal, Marijuana is usually not. From a health perspective Cigarettes have more known and proven health concerns than Marijuana.

What are the differences of smoking cigarettes and smoking marijuana?

cigarettes cause cancer and are worse for you to smoke ... while marijuana kills bits of brain cells it is also a non-cancer product CORRECTION: Marijuana has actually been proven NOT to kill brain cells, and has never had a death connected to JUST marijuana. While cigarettes kill tons of people everyday.

Is smoking marijuana better or worse than smoking cigarettes?

Smoking one joint is like smoking 3-5 cigarettes, because the tar is inhaled unfiltered, and marijuana smokers tend to hold smoke in for much longer than cigarette smokers. Although you can negate this effect by smoking out of a water pipe or vaporizer and there are no harmful carcinogenics.

Is smoking cigarettes or cigars worse for you?

Cigarettes are probably worse for you, because you're likely to smoke far more cigarettes than actual cigars. But neither is healthy.

Are cigarettes as dangerous as marijuana?

Cigarettes are way more dangerous than marijuana which has a perfect toxicology record of 0 deaths. Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of users a year due to the harmful additives they put in.

Are electric cigarettes worse than real cigarettes?

I can breath better while smoking the E-Cigs

Is marijuana worse than a cigar?

marijane is queen...

Is marijuana worse than pain killers?

Hell no!!!!!!

Are menthol cigarettes more worse for your health than regular cigarettes?

No. There has been no evidence to suggest that menthol cigarettes are worse than nonmentholated cigarettes. however! there is more glass in certain variations of certain menthol cigarettes such as camel crush™ in which you break it and it sends glass into the cigarette to make the taste more apparent.

How bad is it to smoke weed?

Marijuana is just as bad or worse than cigarettes to your health, but in contrast to cigarettes, it is argued that marijuana has properties that improve overall health in cancer victims, not getting rid of the cancer but simply improving quality of life; unfortunately marijuana is classified as a Class I drug in the US which prohibits any further research to determine or pinpoint its medicinal uses, if any.

Why do marijuana cigarettes side burn?


How much more tar and carbon monoxide in marijuana than cigarettes?

None marijuana does not have carbon monoxide or tar

Which is worse cigars or cigarettes?

Cigarettes are worse by far.

What is better to smoke cigarettes or marijuana?