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How is math used in radiology?



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(It is used to make estamations of how bad a sprain/broken bone is damage is. You need to be able to answer Q's that my have math involved. Im in a radiology program based out of new jersey and just started. I had the same worries as you as I am as I like to call mathtarded. What I can tell you so far is that the math is pretty straight forward as my instructor teaches at a basic level. Math is the least of your worries, lol. physics is another story and I am dreading having to survive the course. As far as the actual profession, from what I here the math is hardly used as technology has made calculating "technique" much easier. I can't imagine doing algebra formula's for every patient in a busy hospital.) actually in a film based radiology environment some simple equations will be used even during a hospitals busy times. formulas to maintain image densities for various film to image distances and for various patient sizes are pretty common. there is also a 15% rule when using kilovoltage and some math used when different types of film grids and screens are involved. most hospitals have gone to computerized or digital plates that run their own algorithms now though. either way the inverse square law will always be used to help with your own radiation safety.