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How is medical ether produced?

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The concept of ether states that it comes from nothing but simple is (perhaps).. It is from ether that other particles such as atoms come into existence.. A spirtual person would say ether comes from "God" or perhaps in its totality is god.

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When ether is exposed to air for some time which explosive substance is produced?

Ethylic ether can produce diethyl ether peroxide which is highly explosive.

What is the medical term for hormone produced by the testis?

The medical term for hormone produced by the testis is testosterone. This is a hormone that is produced by males and is responsible for various functions in males.

Is ether and petroleum ether is same?

No they are not. Ether is usually diethyl ether C2H5OC2H5 but petroleum ether is a term for petroleum mixtures and are light hydrocarbons usually aliphatic.

Why can it be dangerous to work with ether solvents?

Ether is an extremely effective solvent for many chemical reactions but is extremely dangerous. First and foremost, ether is extremely flammable. In enclosed environments, ether can also exhibit certain explosive properties (explosions in meth labs are often the result of the use of ether solvents and poor ventilation). Many ether solvents will degrade to a peroxide form which can be extremely volatile. Expired casks of ether must be treated very carefully (bomb-squads are often called upon to dispose of expired ether kegs at chemistry labs). Ether also has psychoactive properties which for many years were utilized by the medical community as a general anesthetic. In general, ether must only be used in extremely ventilated environments with proper fire safety devices.

What is the medical term meaning produced in bone marrow?

Myelogenous is the medical term meaning produced in bone marrow. Myeloid means the same thing.

Who was the first person to discover ether?

Ether is a compound which is created by the condensation of alcohols. It was first discovered in 1275, by Raymundus Lullis, and was put into use as a medical anesthetic in 1842 by Crawford Williamson Long. Aether (pronounced like ether) is a non-existing substance, which early physicists believed filled the universe.

What is the medical term meaning the record produced in electrocardiography?

The record produced in electrocardiography is an electrocardiogram.

What is chemical formula of petroleum ether?

c6h6 Petroleum Ether is made of hydrcarbon fractions produced from the cracking of petoleum. It does not have a single formula since it is composed of many hydrocarbons. It is classified by its boiling point range. Usually 30-60C.

Is Ether an electrolyte?

No. Ether is NOT an electrolyte.

Describe the main uses of petroleum ether ether?

Describe the main uses of diesel oil

Difference between petroleum ether and diethyl ether?

Ether generally refers to diethyl ether, when not modified by any other words. Petroleum ether is not actually an ether. Instead, it is a mix of hydrocarbons, which is also referred to as 'hexanes', not to be confused with the compound, hexane.

Boiling point of ether?

whats ether

How do you spell ether?

As you spell it in the question: ether

What is the density of diethyl ether?

Diethyl ether is more commonly known as just ether. The density of diethyl ether is 0.7134 grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the chemical formula for petroleum ether?

Petroleum ether (or pet ether as it's commonly called) does not have any particular chemical formula. All you can be relatively sure of is that there are ethers in it. There could be diethyl ether, butylpropyl ether, dipentyl ether... Pet ether is a solvent, and as such it's not necessary to know its chemical formula. It's simply a medium, not a reactant.

What is the solubility of lipids in ether?

Lipids are soluble in ether.

What is the structure for ether?

Ether: R-O-R

Who invented ether?

William Morton invented the Ether

What is G G Ether?

guaiacol glyceryl ether

Water and ether are placed on the palms of both the hands which will cause more cooling ether or water?

It is ether, because ether has a lower boiling point than water.

What is the chemical classification of butyl ether?

Chemically, butyl ether is an ether. It may also be called a butoxy compound.

What is the medical term meaning poison produced by an organism?


What is the medical term meaning no sperm or semen are produced?


What is the chemical formula for ether?

The chemical formula for ether is C4H10O

Is ether a polar molecule?

No, ether is a non polar molecule.