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Q: How is mithotrexate synthesis carried out?
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What is the process carried out by the mitochondria?

Respiration is the major one.Also protein synthesis also carried out.

During protein synthesis what happens to amino acids?

During protein synthesis, the amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds. This process is carried out by the ribosomes.

During what process does the information carried by mRNA used to produce proteins?

Protein synthesis.

What structuer in a cell makes protein?

Protein synthesis is carried out at the ribosomes, during translation.

Rebuilding ADP into atp with a new source of energy is carried out by what process?

The rebuilding of ADP into ATP with a new source of energy is carried out by a process called dehydration synthesis. Dehydration synthesis involves the joining of two compounds in association with the loss of a water molecule between them.

What is the purose of the translation process?

Translation builds the proteins (protein synthesis) from the code carried by mRNA.

What does a palisade mesophyll cell do in a leaf?

the palisade mesophyll cell is where most of the photo synthesis is carried out.

Which of the following describes a process in protein synthesis?

The code to make a protein is carried by a strand of messenger RNA

Why is synthesis of p-nitro acetanilide carried out at low temperature?

because if the temperature rises it will give o-nitroacetanilide too.

Which organelles is studded with ribosomes and carries out protein synthesis?

The endoplasmic reticulum is studded with ribosomes and it MODIFIES proteins. Protein synthesis is strictly carried out in ribosomes, though the ribosome may thread the polypeptide directly into the ER for modification.

When the reaction of an enzyme is over what happens?

An enzyme speeds up a chemical reaction. Therefore, once an enzyme has carried out it's function, it moves onto the next reaction. For example, the enzyme maltase speeds up the synthesis of maltose from two glucose molecules. Once the enzyme has carried out the synthesis of maltose, it then moves onto another glucose to maltose reaction. Enzymes do not "wear out."

Where does translation occur in eukaryotes?

Translation is the process where the mRNA is used to encode synthesis of proteins in the cell. In eukaryotes, the process of translation is carried out in the cytoplasm after the mRNA has left the nucleus.

What is asymmetric synthesis?

When a compound containing an asymmetric carbon atom is synthesised by ordinary laboratory methods from a symmetric compound ,the product is a racemic mixture.if ,however ,such a synthesis is carried under the asymmetric influence of a suitable optically active reagent ,only one of the optically active isomers ( or-)is formed.This process in which an asymmetric compound is synthesised from a symmetric compound to yield the ( ) isomer or (-)isomer directly is termed asymmetric synthesis.

What is structure and function of ribosome?

ribosomes are tiny granular structures that are either floating in cytoplasm or bonded to endoplasmic reticulum. they are the sites of protein synthesis, where the message carried by mRNA is translated into protein.

What transports cholesterol to cells for repair of membranes and synthesis o steroid hormones?

All mammalian cells are capable of making there own cholesterol.It's not a major component of membrane.What is carried by the blood is carried by specialized proteins.

The last step in the synthesis of secretory protein synthesis is?

The last step in the synthesis of secretory protein synthesis is exocytosis.

How does the insulin move from its site of synthesis the rough endoplasmic reticulum to the outside of the cell?

By being carried in small sacs of membrane (vesicles) that move insulin from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus then to the plasma membrane.

Which organelle used to help make proteins?

Protein synthesis (the process of making proteins) are carried out by ribosomes that are either present in the cytoplasm or anchored to the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER). The presence of ribosome molecules on the ER give it a rough appearance and this structure id therefore called the rough ER (RER). To summarize, protein synthesis occurs on the surface of the RER

Why do the body need protein synthesis while the body is also synthesis protein?

why does the body need protein synthesis while the also synthesis protein?

Why is the synthesis stage called synthesis stage?

Because protein synthesis is taking place.

What is a possible fate of acetyl CoA?

cholesterol synthesis FA synthesis TCA cycle Ketone synthesis

Synthesis of methohexital?

Synthesis Methohexital

What is enzyme synthesis?

protein synthesis

Is oxidation synthesis or decomposition?


How is the message for a protein carried from the nucleus to the ribosomes?

MRNA is the carrier of genetic material for protein synthesis. MRNA is transcribed from a DNA strand through transcription. Poly A tail and 5 prime head are attacked to either end and exxons are spliced together and introns are removed. The 5 prime head attaches at P site to begin protein synthesis.