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i believe the beat and the singer but then agin Carrie Underwood is a country singer but they play her on vh1 and 98.3

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Q: How is music classified into various Genre?
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What genre would the Englebert be classified?

Pop Music!

What genre of music would Skidrow's music be classified?

Skidrow is an American band that was formed in 1986 in New Jersey. The genre of music that Skidrow's music would be classified under is Heavy Metal and/or Glam Metal.

What music genre is kasabian?

Kasabian is classified as indie rock, under the rock genre.

What genre would Thai music be classified in?

The genre of music that Thai music would be categorized as would be instrumental. Music that is categorized as instrumental is music that has no words or singing.

What genre is the band ABBA?

ABBA's music is classified as pop.

What genre of music are Pet Shop Boys classified as?

Electronic, Dance

What genre was david bowie?

His music was typically classified as rock/pop

What genre is Pitbull's music?

Pitbull's music can best be classified as hip hop, house, and pop.

What music genre is Lifehouse from?

Lifehouse is classified as being an alternative rock group.

What genre of music does Christina Aguilera produce?

Christina Aguilera creates music in a variety of genre. Her music is generally classified as pop music. She has sung jazz, blues, R&B, and hip hop music as well.

Would the music of Nigeria be classified as in the World Music genre?

The music of Nigeria includes several kinds of Folk and popular music. Some of them are widely known, so it can be classified as in the World Music genre. Some popular examples are Femi Kuti, King Sunny Ad© and Prince Nico Mbarga.

What genre is Miranda Cosgrove's music?

Mostly pop and there is one that's classified "rock".

What genre is Pitbull?

Pitbull's music can best be classified as hip hop, house, and pop.

What is the classification of music?

Music may be classified by it's culture, genre, or style. It can also be classified as a form of fine arts and performing arts depending on the way it is taught or learned.

How did michael jackson revolutionize music?

There are various ways in which Michael Jackson revolutionized music. For example, he was responsible for various cross genre collaborations.

What genre of music does Linkin Park?

Linkin Park has played various genre of music. They are nu-metal, alternative rock/metal, rap rock, etc.

What genre of music is grindcore?

Grindcore can be classified as a genre unto itself, with subgenres goregrind and pronogrind. Developed in the 1980s as an offshoot of metal, noise music, and industrial, it stands apart from these in terms of modern development.

What music genre would you put West Side Story into?

West Side Story would be classified as 'theatre music' or 'musical theatre.'

What is the genre of one thing by one direction?

One Direction is classified under the genre of "POP" therefore their music is Pop. So One Thing is Pop.

What genre of music does Columbia House music record?

Columbia House produces various genres of music and cannot be categorized into one genre, but Columbia Records, the founder, is no longer making music for this brand and has moved into movie production.

Which genre of music does the band Iced Earth play?

Iced Earth plays music that would be classified under the Heavy Metal Genre. They are from America and the band was formed in 1985 and released its first album in 1990.

What music does Something Corporate make?

The music that "Something Corporate" makes would be classified as the "Emo" genre. They are an American band that originates from Orange County, Florida.

What genre of music is classical music?

Classical IS the genre

What genre is the song hot air balloon from Owl City?

all of Adam young's music is classified in synthetic pop.

What is the genre of Lifehouse?

Lifehouse is an alternative rock band. They play a lot of Christian-based music, but they are not classified as a Christian band.