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How is plastic made from oil?

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To make plastics, crude oil and natural gas are refined into ethane, propane and hundreds of other petrochemical products. The Ethane and propane is then cracked into ethylene and propylene, using high-temperature furnaces. A Catalyst is then combined with ethylene or propylene in a reactor, resulting in fluff, a powdered material (polymer) resembling laundry detergent. Fluff is combined with additives in a continuous blender. Polymer is fed to an extruder where it is melted. Melted plastic is cooled then fed to a pelletize that cuts the product into small pellets which are ready to be shipped to the customers.

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Where does plastic come from what is it made of?

Plastic is made from oil, usually fossil fuel oil.

What is a plastic spoon made of?


What substances can be made from oil?

I know plastic is made from oil

What four things is plastic made of?

Plastic is made from crude oil.

Where does plastic come from and how is it made?

oil and the oil is added to a substance to make plastic

Why is plastic made from oil?


Are plastic water bottles biodegradable?

No. No plastic is biodegradable unless it's made from vegetable oil. Most plastic is made from fossil fuel oil.

What is clear plastic wrap made of?

Plastic! (which is made of very refined oil)

Is acrylic plastic renewable?

No, as acrylic is a type of plastic. Plastic is made from oil which is a non-renewable resource. Therefore acrylic is non-renewable

Does plastic come from the rainforest's?

Plastic is made from oil which comes from oil fields, on land or at sea

What is plastic bag made out of?

Plastic bags are made out of one kind of oil which is patrol.

Where at in the world is plastic made?

In any country that has oil. Since plastic is made from oil, pretty much any country with oil can make and manufacture oil. Hope I helped. =)

What bags are made from oil?

Plastic :)

Is plastic made by oil?

yes it is

How are plastic products made?


How were plastic bags made?

Plastic bags were made in China like most of the other things because they provided lots of barrels of oil and plastic is really oil.

What are the raw ingredients of plastic?

plastic? right?? it is made out of oil and pestremonde

Where is plastic from?

plastic is made from crude oil, natural gas, or coal

Why will plastic run out some day?

Because plastic is made from crude oil. And if we run out of oil we will run out of plastic. hope this answers your question!

Plastic bags are they made out of oil?

yes, they are made out of patrol

Is there a way to make plastic from oil?

Yes And that's why it is made from oil

Which is the costliest product from crude oil?

plastic is made from crude oil.

Is plastic made out of dead animal?

No, it is a petroleum (oil) product. Also, many plastic items are now made from recycled plastic.

Is plastic made from wood?

No, plastic is basically made from crude oil, natural gas, and other chemicals.

Is plastic made of oil?

Yes, a plastic bottle is made from the same petrochemical as the fiber we call polyester.