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Q: How is pony express a method of communication?
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How did pony express improve communication in America?


What were 3 things the pony express did for us?

The Pony Express was an important mail service, it made communication easier, and it was also replaced by the telegraph.

What was the faster overland communication service before the telegraph?

The Pony Express

What was Americans most important method of transportation by 1861?

Pony express

What was the fastest overland communication service before the telegraph?

The pony express

What was the fastest overland communication system before telegram?

YELLING!! Pony Express

How was the pony express the beginning of communication in the 1860's?

I really wouldn't say that the pony express was the beginning of communication in the 1860's they had mail delivery to the West long before the pony express it just took longer since it had to travel by ship or by stagecoach which could take about a month.. If your teacher is trying to state it was... then you should clarify if for him or her... Now the Pony Express was a rely system that cut the delivery time to about 10 days total... first the mail was sent by telegraphic communication (Morse code) covering about half the distance across the US and a the Pony Express carried it the rest of the way.

Why did the Pony express end?

The invention and creation of the telegraph made a faster and cheaper method to send information across the nation, The Pony Express ended because of an advance in technology.

How did the pony express improve communication?

BY decreasing the time it takes for a message to travel across the U.S.

What were the communication methods used in the near past?

Pony Express, Telegraph, Telephone, CB Radio

Where is the pony express route?

The Pony Express route is in Illinois.

What ended pony express?

The telegraph is what ended the Pony Express

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