Electromagnetic Radiation

How is radiation harmful?

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Not al radiation is harmful. There would be no life on earth if the radiation, which we call sunlight, did not exist.

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Is phone radiation harmful to humans?

Phone radiation can be harmful to humans. It is harmful when the person is on the phone a lot.

What absorbs harmful radiation from the sun?

Earth's ozone layer absorbs harmful radiation from the sun.

What type of radiation is least harmful?

uv radiation

What is the most harmful type of radiation?

Gamma radiation.

Is ultraviolet radiation more harmful to humans than infrared radiation?

infrared cuz its more harmful

Is Microwave radiation of very high intensity harmful?

Yes, radiation of any frequency can be harmful when it is intense enough.

Is a mac book pro emitting any harmful radiation?

MacBook Pros do not emit any harmful radiation.

Is all radiation harmful?

No, some kinds of radiation can be helpful.

is cerenkov radiation harmful?

Cherenkov radiation is seem by the naked eye is a bright blue it is not considered to be harmful. The Cherenkov radiation is generating from electromagnetic radiation that comes from the speedo of particles traveling.

Are cerenkov radiation harmful?

Cerenkov radiation is also spelled as Cherenkov is an electromagnetic radiation that comes for particles as they travel at speeds greater that the speed of light. The radiation if seen is often blue and is not harmful.

How does the ozone layer protect us from harmful radiation?

Ozone layer protects us from harmful radiation. It is their special property.

What shields us from harmful UV radiation?

The ozone layer shields us from harmful UV radiation. It is present in the stratosphere.

Is infrared radiation harmful?

No, it is not. In fact, infrared radiation is actually heat.

Is there a difference between radiation and nuclear radiation?

Radiation generally describes non harmful waves such as radio waves and light wave while nuclear radiation usually describes emission of harmful gamma rays.

What radiation type is absorbed by OZONE in the stratosphere?

UV radiation is absorbed by ozone. It is the harmful radiation of the sun.

Is radio wave radiation harmful?

No, it isn't harmful at its standard characteristics of operation.

Is radiation energy harmful How?

No, because the radiation cannot see with our naked eyes.

In what ways is radiation harmful?

Radiation can be very harmful to organisms. It can cause mutation in DNA or the organism, it can cause defects and even cancerous cells.

How are radio waves harmful?

Radio waves are harmful to people because they give off radiation. Radiation is known to cause cancer in humans.

Is radiation harmful for humans?

Definitely! Radiation is certainly harmful to humans and even it can cause skin cancer too under over exposure....

Is microwave radiation harmful to your eyes?


What are some examples of harmful Radiation?


What percent of radiation is absorbed?

The radiation that are absorbed are not all useful. Only the harmful ones are.

How can uv radiation make water safe?

Ultraviolet radiation can kill harmful pathogens.

Why is gamma radiation harmful?

The problem is not that gamma radiation is harmful per se. Indeed, all radiation is harmful in high enough dosages or for long enough periods. The problem is that unlike alpha and beta radiation, which are particulate (helium atoms and electrons, respectively), gamma radiation is in the form of rays (photon rays, to be specific) and are such much more difficult to properly shield and contain.

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