How is religion an agent of socialization?

In fact every aspect of our life and all other agents are based on religion.

Initially, a child learns from family. The first ever learning place for child is lap of mother. Mother tells her kid what religion he or she follows. In our society mother tells name of God. Here child learns that there is someone to protect him and there is some power to whom he or she has to consult all of his or her problems. Child come to know that he or she must not to do something wrong or bad because there is God who is looking all of his or her deeds. In fact child learns that he has to live within some boundaries and of course there is some one to help him or her. This kind of breeding builds a good and positive character of his or her personality.

Then child enters to school. The school will practically educate him or her about teaching of religion. Here he or she will learn that how to act and spend life according to basic rules and regulations of religion. Here he or she can raise more questions about patterns of religions. He or she can develop his or her personality according to teaching of religion.

The peer groups, who are also influenced by teachings of religion, will behave and respond according to those teachings. The child looks others who are practically performing the duties of religion. Child will again take influence of that and will try to act like them.

The media plays again a big roll to promote teaching, norms, and blessings of religion. Media will disseminate lessons, instructions and philosophy of religion to a mass level. Media will promote such massages that would bring about changes in thinking, behaving, reacting and way of spending life according to teaching of religion. In this way media can perform not only massage/ news/entertainment role, but also a teaching and positive role.

Finally the religion is real base and philosophy of social life.