How is science related to basketball?


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How Science Relate To Basketball January 13,2009When you bounce the ball you are creating kinetic energy or when you toss the ball you are also transfering kinetic energy from your muscles to the ball. Another thing is gravity. When you miss a shot and it falls from the hoop or backboard down to the floor it is called gravity. You would also know how science and Basketball are the closes and it relates real good with science.I have been paying attention in class because we was talking about kinetic energy,gravity and etc.This helps me by making good grades and paying attention on what i need to do and need to work on if i am good at it or not i will still go home and study cause it is worth it. All the teachers at my school taught me everything i could possibly learn and help me understand what i got to go through but all i have to do is pay really close attention and do the best i can why am learning.It will also help you understand more about science.

Like when i be in math and English class i have to learn different kinds of problems and different kinds OS sentences,verbs and etc.School is so exciting and fun cause you have friends and people there for you and people who teaches you something and make sure you eat and make sure you learn something so you can go home and tell your parents how your day went.Like when your teachers send homework home don't't give it to you so you can not do it , let it just be in your bookbag or make up a fib and say your dog ate they suspect you to do it and turn it in the next day not next week,next month or even next year that will just be a flat F.SO THAT IS MY STORY ABOUT HOW SCIENCE RELATE TO BASKETBALL.


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