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well with the constitution, them looking on the back, and when ben got the finger prints off the cup during the gala well those would obviosly be chemistry. and all the decrypting, well i guess technically that could be considered a science to.

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What kind of technologies used in the movie National Treasure?

The two most used technologies in the movie are stunt doubles and a green-screen

Are the glasses on the movie 'National Treasure' real?

They are a movie prop built , and used to explain the story line . They do not exist .

In the movie national treasure what other name is Benjamin Franklin referred to as during the treasure hunt?

Silence Dogood was the name he used to write the letters. is that the answer you are looking for

What was Riley's share of the finders fee in the movie National Treasure?

The government offered 10% of the treasure to Ben Gates, he only took 1%. That means Riley got 1/2%, which he used to buy the red Ferarri.

Where does the formal evening take place in the movie national treasure?

Depending on if you are talking about the first National Treasure the National Archives (where you can actually see the declaration) located in Washington DC is the location where Benjamin Gates crashes the formal evening stealing the Declaration of Independence. If you are talking about the second National Treasure film where the president is kidnapped then the location of the formal party is Mount Vernon a former plantation located on the Potomac river where George Washington used to live and is currently interred.

Flashlights used on National Treasure II?

They look like M6 Guardian by SureFire.

Is the pipe in national treasure a real pipe?

If you mean "could the prop used in the movie function as an actual pipe." it's doubtful. If you mean "Is there really such a pipe," even more doubtful.

How did Ben break the keypad code in National Treasure?

He used a blacklight to shine on the keypad. Then, the fingerprints were visible from the last person that used it.

What kinds of mirrors are used in national science center?

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What password is used in national treasure?

If this question refers to the password Nicholas Cage used on the keyboard to get into the document room, "Valley Forge" is the password.

What kind of wallet did Ben Gates use in national treasure?

It was the same wallet used by Abe Lincoln in 1724

What technology was used by the movie inception?

It is a Science Fiction movie, the technology used in it actually does not exists. It uses the technology to enter someone else's dreams.

What is the common noun for Treasure Island?

The proper noun Treasure Island is used for a number of things.Some common nouns for the proper noun Treasure Island are:book titlemovie titletheme parkisland (Treasure Island, FL 33706 and Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, CA)road (Treasure Island Causeway, St. Petersburg, FL and Treasure Island Road, San Francisco, CA)

What pool cue was used in movie 'The hustler'?

It was a feature length movie about pool, including a few scenes at a national tournament. Hundreds of cues were used in that movie.

How was the Parthenon used?

The Parthenon was the temple of Athena in Athens. Today it is a national treasure of the Greeks, and people come from all over the world to see it.The Parthenon was used to house the statue of Athena.

What was the name of the ship used by dr livesey in Treasure Island?

treasure island ship

Why all the maps in red dead redemption?

if you are talking about treasure maps, they are used to find treasure...

Are there programs out there like the one Riley in national treasure uses to get passwords?

Dont get to excited but yes there are programs similar to those seen in the movie altough they are used in the military and created by hackers who are geniouses you probably will never get your hands on it unless you join the military, cia or other federal company

What sci-fi movie was it where they used klick as a measurement?

The 'click' is a kilometer. It would be used in most science fiction and war movies.

What scale used in science?

what is the scale used in science

What is the word used in Arabic for treasure?


How is a variable used in science?

variables are used by being used in science projects

In the movie 'avatar' what is the material unobtanium actual used for?

Unobtanium is only used in science-fiction. The uses of it vary by subject/film

When was environment as a science first used?

Science was first used 1856

Ways science is used at home?

how science used in homes and community

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