How is spotting different from menstrual period?


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menstrual period is the monthly blood circulation of girls while spotting are the release of the blood when you are pregnant

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There are many things that can cause spotting before a menstrual period. Some of these include hormonal changes, anxiety, certain medications, injury or uterine fibroids.

No, you can have cramps and spotting at the time for your first period after conception but not full menstrual flow.

Spotting is light bleeding, if it is occuring before menstruation it is just the start of menstruation - lighter menstrual flow mixing with discharge, then as your period gets underway the bleeding becomes heavier and becomes normal menstrual flow.

You can conceive at any time throughout your cycle, including during your menstrual period. Spotting generally occurs during implantation and other times throughout a pregnancy. Spotting can also occur just before or just after a menstrual period. If you are concerned you may be pregnant, you should obtain a pregnancy test.

Not necessarily, most likely this "second period" is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Spotting/ Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding before or in between menstrual cycles.

Yes, you can have a period for six days then spotting for three days after that. Every woman's menstrual cycle is different, what is normal for one woman may not be for another.

it could implantation spotting if youv had unprotected sex and do noy get a normal period id recommend you take a pregnancy test

Hormonal birth control changes your menstrual bleeding. It's not unusual to have brown spotting instead of a regular period when you're on birth control.

why am i spotting after my period

spotting can be pregnancy or just normal. all girls are different. sometimes spotting just happens.

Spotting before your period is just very light menstrual flow, it's the process of the uterus lining shedding starting - once it gets under way the bleeding becomes heavier.

The first day of your period is the first day of your menstrual cycle, so start counting from there. The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding, don't count the days of spotting before menstruation.

No. Not unless you have two uterus's. But beware your definitions, do you mean spotting? A wee bit of blood?

Left over blood from your period, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy etc ==

yes, it is very normal. yes, it is very normal. yes, it is very normal.

Yes, it is possible to have some menstrual bleeding after conception. Usually referred to as "spotting" some menstrual bleeding (though lighter and shorter in duration than a period) is fairly common in early pregnancy. Spotting is often mistaken as a period.

No, hives and a woman's menstrual period are two completely different things. Their causations are not in any manner related.

Red mucus is just spotting before your period is about to start. There is normally mucus that plugs-up the opening to the cervix and around menstruation it can be carried out with menstrual flow, the blood is your menstrual flow.

No, Birds have no menstrual period...

Yes. It is possible to have a period even if you are pregnant. Some signs of pregnancy are spotting and lack of/irregular menstrual cycles.

Implantation Bleeding After ovulation the egg travels into the uterus and burrows into the lining of the uterus. For some women implantation will cause slight bleeding or spotting. This is called implantation bleeding. This is sometimes confused for an early period. What does implantation bleeding or spotting look like? Implantation bleeding, also called implantation spotting, does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge. Implantation bleeding or menstrual period? Implantation bleeding normally occurs a week to a few days before your period would normally start. Spotting that occurs around a week after ovulation is likely implantation bleeding; whereas, spotting that occurs very close to the time that your period would normally start may not be. A normal menstrual cycle generally starts off light and then gets heavier. Spotting can sometimes be the sign of an early period. If this is the case, the spotting will pick up to heavier bleeding. If you have spotting right around the time your period would normally start, it can be more confusing. You will need to take the wait and see approach or take a pregnancy test to determine pregnancy.

There's nothing necessarily wrong about mid cycle spotting, if this is not a common occurrence and not accompanied by other symptoms it's likely just ovulation spotting or early menstrual spotting due to a short menstrual cycle. If you're concerned then it might be a good idea for you to mention this spotting to your doctor, but if it's a one-off it's nothing to worry about.

The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding - actual blood, not spotting (pink or brown discharge) - this is also the first day of your menstrual cycle.

Yes, it's absolutely find to wear a pad with spotting, you can also use liners, menstrual cups, and softcups. The only menstrual products you can't use with spotting are tampons.

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