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How is sunlight measured?

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Measurement Units:

The measurement of the power of sunlight emitted from the sun is called Radiant Flux and is measured in watts. The measurement of the perceived power of sunlight is called Luminous Flux and is measured in lumens. Lumans are directly related to candelas (or candlepower), which is the luminous intensity emitted in any one direction. Measurement Methods: Surprisingly, luminosity is still often measured by eye. Another popular method is by measuring the current emitted by a photovoltaic cell.

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What is the intensity of sunlight from the equator to the north and south poles?

At 9 degrees of latitude north, I have measured sunlight intensity at about 140,000 lux.

The highest speed measured in nature is?

Sunlight is about as natural as you can get - without sunlight there would be no life on earth. And the speed of light, at 300000 km per second, is the fastest speed that there is!

Does sunlight reach the abyssal plains?

The clearest waters are in the South Pacific Gyre. At this place, the sunlight can still be measured at 200-250m depth at maximum. Abyssal plains are at 3000-4000 m depth... so no the sunlight doesn't reach the abyssal plains, it is very far from that!

What is a measure of the amount of light recevied on earth?

The energy content of radiant energy such as sunlight is typically measured in watts per square meter.

Why is the temperature of air measured in the shade?

Air temperature is taken in the shade because sunlight falling on the instrument, the thermometer, can cause the reading to be incorrectly high.

Why is the distace between earth and the sun measured in light minutes and the distance between neptune and the sun measured in light hours?

Because it only takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth, but it takes 4 hours to reach Neptune.

What is the ultimate source of all energy used by cells?


Is sunlight aboitic?

Yes, sunlight is abiotic.

Is sunlight a reusable resource?

Being that sunlight is consistent, yes sunlight is a reusable resource.

What is the Welsh for 'sunlight'?

The Welsh word for 'sunlight' is heulwen.

Does a tomato plant need direct sunlight or no sunlight?

No sunlight

The metric system is measured in what?

It depends on what you are measuring! Distance is measured in metres Time is measured in seconds Mass is measured in kilogrammes Volume is measured in litres Force is measured in newtons Energy is measured in joules Temperature is measured in kelvin Power is measured in watts Electromotive force is measured in volts Electric current is measured in amperes ...and so on

Do plants grow better in sunlight or no sunlight?

sunlight because plants can`t grow without sunlight

What is measured in milliliters and what is measured in grams?

Volume is measured in ml . Weight is measured in grams

How do you get sunlight from sunlight?


What kind of sunlight produces a lot of sunlight?

The bright type of sunlight

How do plants survive without sunlight?

A plant cannot survive without sunlight or a source of sunlight. Fluorescent lighting can take the place of sunlight for a plant if sunlight is not possible.

Children come in contact with what in The Others?

Sunlight...... They are actually allergic to the sunlight or something! Sunlight...... They are actually allergic to the sunlight or something!

How is CUP measured?

Cup is measured by volume. It is measured in ml.

Does pinto beans grow better in sunlight or dark?

sunlight because it will have sunlight

What is better tide or sunlight?

Sunlight its ingerdents are stronger I thought it was tide but its sunlight.

What produces sunlight?

Lot of sunlight

What is the plural form of sunlight?


How do trees get sunlight?

they get sunlight by photosynthesis

Is sunlight biotic?

No. Sunlight is not alive.

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