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How is table tennis and tennis different?


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Table Tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

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"There are many different sizes for table top tennis. You have options such as a novelty size, mini table tennis, and a conversion top table also. The size of the table may vary on your personal choice."

There are many different types and makes of table tennis tables, so their weights will be different, but typically a table tennis table will weigh approximately 116 Kg / 255 pounds.

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76 cm or 30 inches it is exactly the same as a regular table. Except while playing, the regulations are different

The table tennis table must be in green or blue color. This game consists different colored ball. So to enjoy the games with colors the tt table is colored.

Just different names for it!

The equipment that was (and still is) used in table tennis are a table tennis paddle/racket/bat, a table tennis table, a table tennis ball, clips to hold the net above the middle of the table, and a net.

the length of a table tennis table is 274centi meters

Nothing different just alternative name pingpong = Table tennis.

table tennis is obviously played on a table and tennis is not. they have some of the same rules, but tennis has tramlines, so, in other words, table tennis' court doesnt change from doubles and singles and the singles does. also the scoring is different. table tennis is frist to 21 points and tennis it is first to 6 games. they are alike as they are both played with a raquet and a ball that you can hit before the bounce or after the bounce but 2 bounces and you have lost the point. they both use points in scoring but differently. both great games to play and good for fitness

No, table tennis is played on a small table, where as deck tennis is played on a deck. sorry mate fgjkfkgfpogk

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No, it should not. It is not difficult to differentiate between tennis and table tennis.

You can play table tennis on the dinner table

A table tennis conversion top is an item used on pool tables. By setting up the table tennis conversion top, you can convert your pool table into a table for table tennis. Answer was found here:

The official color of table tennis table is green or blue.

Outdoor table tennis is played just like indoor table tennis but outdoors. In order to play it one needs a table for table tennis with a net, paddles and a partner.

You can pull up table tennis rackets at Click on the link at the top for table tennis.

David Foster of England introduced the first action game of tennis on a table (table tennis) in 1890.

The correct name for a table tennis paddle is a table tennis racket. Yes, it is OK for the racket to touch the table.

there are 12 rules in table tennis

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