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How is tall Justin Bihag?


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The height of Justin Bihag, the nephew of Dog the Bounty Hunter, he is 6 feet tall it says so in season 1

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Yes, Justin Bihag is married to his beautiful wife Emily Bihag.

no justin bihag dose not have siblings but justin bieber does he has 2

Justin Bihag's birth name is Justin Derago Bihag.

Justin Bihag Is Duane Chapman (Dog The Bounty Hunter) Nephew. V Nice Lookin ;)

There is no "Justin Chapman" - it is Justin Bihag. I believe he was born in 1983.

Yes, i think the wife's name is Emily. He has a tattoo of her name.

Justin is not related to him, his mother Moon was good friends with Dog and Beth and they thought of them as members of the family.

According to his Mother, Moon, He and a girl from Colorado did have a baby girl together around the time he was injured in his accident in March of 2007.

He is realeasing his Album called Redemption On His Birthday on Februrary 21st....He is releasing Two Singles On December 25th Christmas Day....Hope this helps...

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bihag ni limang :)

Justin Bieber is currently 5'5 barefoot. He can be as tall as 5'7 in shoes

There were a few reasons why he left. He didn't get along with Beth, he wasn't getting paid, he decided bounty hunting wasn't for him and wanted to make a career in modeling.

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