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How is the Economy in Communist Countries?

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It is good in some countries and bad in others

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Communist countries have a?

free enterpries economy

What kind of economy does communist countries have?


What countries have a communist economy?

None currently

Socialist countries in Asia?

There are no Socialist countries in Asia, nor could there be. Socialism is a classless stateless society based on production for use, and would have to exist on a global scale, with no countries or borders.

What countries use a communist economy?

Two that i know of are China and Cuba.

Communist countries have a command economy?

North Korea, Cuba and China are communist countries with command economies, as opposed to market economies or mixed economies. The former Soviet Union also had a command economy.

What kind of economies do communist countries have?

Communism is a first and foremost a type of economy, where all materials and services are owned and distributed by the government. So, to answer your question, communist countries have communist economies.

Why is the UN partly communist?

It's not. Communism is a type of an economy. The UN does not have a government or an economy. It is a body where representatives of nations meet. Some of those countries are communist (fewer an fewer).

Does the US have a command economy?

No, the US has a market economy a result of its capitalist policies, command economies can be found in communist countries.

What type of economy recently collapsed in the communist bloc countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union?

command economy

Socialist and Communist countries are alike because they both?

have governments that are highly involved in the economy.

Is Poland an communist economy?

No. Polish was a communist economy before 1989. Since then it started to transform in capitalistic economy.

Are china and North Korea the only 2 communist countries left?

No, Vetnam is also communist. And North Korea is not communist country. They dont follow any of communist country. Economy, systems are not connected with communism. The leader is like god in north korea. And the leader is doing horrible things. They say they are communist country but absoluty not. China, economy is demoncracy but only the governmental system is communist.

Communist countries have this type of economy?

Communism means no countries and no economy. The resources of the planet belong to everyone and are used to meet human need. It will have to be a worldwide system with no national boundaries. Also there will be no money and no prices, with people having free access to goods and services.

What kind of economy is portrayed in the book 1984?

a communist government, thus a communist economy, hope this helps :)

Communist countries have what kind of economy?

depends on the country China has a control economy, they control their currency to control economic globalization for the world economies that are dependent on them such as the United States

What type of economy does a communist country have?

Its a command economy! :+)

What kind of economy does Angola have?

Angola has a communist economy!

What is another name for command economy?

A command economy can be referred to as a:planned economy,centrally planned economy,command and control economyA command economy was used in communist countries. Examples are the former Soviet Union, North Korea, the People's Republic of China, and Cuba.

What economy is similar to command economy?

A command economy is the same as a socialst or communist economy.

Why do communist countries use authoritarian methods to maintain their economic and political systems?

To maintain control of the economy and the people that live there.

What is the economy for Laos?


Why was Vietnam a communist country?

Vietnam is a communist country because the government controlls everything and they have a central economy. _____ North Vietnam was communist, South Vietnam was not and did not want to be. That, in a nutshell, was what the Vietnam War was about. When all of the western countries pulled out of Vietnam, the North overran the South and both countries were reunified as Vietnam under a communist government based in Hanoi.

What countries are communist countries?

The communist countries today are North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba.

Are Australia Burma and Thailand all communist countries?

No, none of those three countries are communist countries.