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Q: How is the Gulf of Aden-Red Sea related to continental break-up?
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Does the gulf stream flow over the continental shelf or the continental slope?

continental shelf

Which is the only gulf bordering the continental us?

The Gulf of Mexico is the only gulf bordering the contiguous US.The Gulf of Alaska borders Alaska, so there are two gulfs bordering the continental US.

Which side of Florida has the widest continental shelf?

The widest continental shelf in Florida is the Gulf continental shelf. It is along the central-west coast of the state.

What has the author Ahmad Razavi written?

Ahmad Razavi has written: 'Continental shelf delimination and related maritime issues in the Persian Gulf' -- subject(s): Ocean bottom, Law and legislation, Territorial waters, Maritime law, Continental shelf

What themes is most closely related to the Coalition in the Gulf War?

Global Connections is closely related to the Coalition in the Gulf War.

Who is responsible for the gulf oil spill?

Which gulf and which oil spill? See related questions.

What caused the gulf oil spill?

Please see related questions:The gulf oil spill may refer to several oil spills:Any of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spillsThe Gulf War oil spill.Any of the Persian Gulf oil spills.See related questions.

Where is the continental drive located?

The continental divide is also known as the Great Divide. It is an imaginary line that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean.

What is the name of the air mass that forms over the gulf of Mexico?

Continental tropical (cT)

Nederland is a town in America located near which Continental Divide?

Nederland is a town in the state of Colorado. It is located near the continental divide of the Americas and it is also know as the Continental gulf of division or the great divide.

When did the oil spill in the gulf happen?

This may refer to:Any of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spillsThe Gulf War oil spill.Any of the Persian Gulf oil spills.See related questions.

How many people have died from the oil spill in the gulf?

This depends on which oil spill and which gulf. See related questions.

How much oil is in the gulf?

Please see related questions:

What theme is closely related to the coalition in the gulf war?


In witch of the following states in the Continental divide located new Mexico Louisiana new York?

New Mexico. In general, the "continental divide" denotes the destination of rainfall and river water. East of the Continental Divide, rivers flow into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. West of the divide, rivers flow to the Pacific or the Gulf of California.

What region runs north to south from Canada to the gulf of Mexico?

It could be the continental divide, or the Mississippi basin.

What does gulf mean in Geography terms?

Gulf means a part of water bodies which seems like it is entering the landform. Alternatively, the word gulf is related to the term notch.

Full form of AGCC countries?

Arab Gulf Countries Council or Arab Gulf Cooperation Council when related with arab

Land is related to cape in the same way water is related to?

fjord, bay, gulf, sound, inlet

What does the continental divide mean?

In the USA, the "continental divide" is the Rocky Mountains range of mountains. East of that, all rivers flow to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. West of the "Continental Divide", rivers flow west into the Pacific Ocean.

What are the three bodies of salt water that border the continental us?

Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean & Gulf of Mexico

The gulf stream is deflected by north America causing the current to change direction what is this concept called?

Continental deflection

What air masses affect CONUS?

Continental, maritime, polar, tropical, pacific, atlantic, gulf, mexican, canadian

Is the Gulf of Baja a coastline with Mexico?

Right. See related questions.

Is theindian army's operation saiyam was related to kashmir?

operation saiyam is related to scrapping of ammunitions from gulf war