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Long answer...short answer is in the final paragraph. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Football program is the only major college sport not to have a championship established by the NCAA. There is NO NCAA Football champion. History originally had Harvard, Yale and a few other "now" Ivy League teams playing each other. The one with the best record at the end of the year was considered the champ. Later when more colleges started playing football, the IAACS (later NCAA) was established as a discussion group and rules making body. It was brought about indirectly by Presidential decree of Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt threatened to outlaw football by executive order if it weren't made safer. The first NCAA sanctioned "National Championship" was in 1921 for Track and Field. While the NCAA is still the rule making body for College Football, they have not established a championship due to the revenue generated by bowl games. The bowl games were originally legal contracts between conferences where the winner of the Big-10 would be contractually obligated to play the winner of the PAC-10. This was an early version of east-coast / west-coast rivalry. During these early years, there were as many as ten different National champions declared by various news outlets. The news outlets with the largest distribution were in NY City and LA. As a result, the national champion during these early years was either a Big-10 or PAC-10 team. The Big East and the Atlantic Coast Conference were not around during this time, and the Ivy League's teams weren't undefeated every year. This is also a reason the Big East and ACC weren't initially in the BCS arrangement. These contract bowl games became the basis for the BCS. The top teams in the SEC, PAC-10, Big-10 and Big-12 were given an opportunity to play for a national championship based on a new contract between the conferences. The original contract led to lawsuits and congressional hearings. The BCS agreement has been amended several times and is reviewed every three years. The actual contract, signed by each conference, recognizes the final coaches poll as the official and only National Champion. Coaches can actually be penalized for not voting in accordance with the championship game results...a coach can lose his vote for going against the contract. That's why you see a unanimous champ in the coaches poll.


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The 2009 NCAA Football Championship game will be played in Jan. 2010.

None. There's no such thing as a "NCAA football championship" in Division 1-A. The NCAA does not choose a national champion. However, LSU has won two BCS national championships (2003 and 2007 seasons), and was awarded one national championship by the AP (1957 season). I think they were also awarded one retroactive championship for a team in the 1930s by some obscure polling organization.

The team that won the NCAA Championship was the Florida Gators.

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

Click on the 'NCAA Division 1 Football Champions' link on this page to see a list of all colleges awarded the national championship since 1879.

The NCAA does not select a champion in Division I-FBS college football-the only varsity, NCAA-sponsored sport to not have an official championship. The NCAA does, however, recognize championships that are awarded by "major selectors;" organizations that are generally and widely regarded as major sources. Today, those sources are the BCS (in conjunction with its agreement with the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll) and the Associated Press. Beginning with the 2014 football season, the College Football Playoff will replace the BCS.

NCAA Division I FCS Consensus Mid-Major Football National Championship ended in 2007.

NCAA Division I FCS Consensus Mid-Major Football National Championship was created in 2001.

Texas A&M won the NCAA Football National Championship in 1939.

Alabama won the national BCS championship.

University of Southern California

Just a guess.....BYU in 1984. * but it is not an "NCAA" championship in Division 1a. The NCAA calls them a "national poll champion".

The Penn State Nittany Lions won the NCAA national title in 1982

NCAA doesn't list or recognize big school football championships. But the #1 team in the polls was Nebraska.

Alabama has 12 national championships, and 53 bowl appearances, both NCAA records.

The Florida Gators defeated the Florida State Seminoles 52-20 to win the 1996 NCAA National Championship.

In 1869 Princeton and Rutgers split the college football National Championship. The first consensus (Coaches' and Media polls) National Championship was Oklahoma in 1950.

"The BCS National Championship Game, presented by Allstate."

Florida Gators over Oklahoma Sooners

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