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How is the Old English name element 'Wyn' correctly pronounced?

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2010-08-01 01:48:32

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Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, was a Germanic/Teutonic tongue,

related to other tongues like Frisian and other Scandinavian

languages. As such, the letter "w" would actually be pronounced as

a "v", and a "v" often pronounced as an "f". "F" was a lighter,

breathier version of the "f" we know today, a soft f, if you will.

"Y" was indeed pronounced like a short "i."

So in short, "-wyn" would be pronounced "-vin."

But in your LARP group, you can pronounce it however you want.


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The letter written "w" in modern spelling of Old English represents

the letter wynn (ƿ), and the reason that letter existed is

precisely because it's <b>not</b> pronounced like "v"

(else they would have just used "v"!). The correct pronunciation is

in fact just like English "w". Anglo-Saxon "y" should be pronounced

like "u" in French "tu" or "lune".

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