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In a 1941 speech what were the four items Franklin Roosevelt spoke to Congress about

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Q: How is the body responding with pain to spending 12 hours or more on concrete?
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What is the body's natural way of responding when invaded by a pathogen?


The constitution gives the power to manage the spending of the federal government to what body?

The legislative body.

Is a burn a allergic reaction to heat?

No. An allergic reaction is the body's way of responding to a foreign substance, or an antigen.

Do you have a high white count after abdominal surgery?

Yes. Your body is responding to what it see as a foreign invasion.

Is the body's reaction to a change in the environment a response?

it's actually a natural reaction of the body, when you respond you respond to that something, the body isn't responding to it it is reacting because of the environment. do you understan?

What part of the body is tougher than concrete?

the bones in the thigh, I'm not sure if they are tougherthan concrete but they are as tough as concrete. (:I guess it depends on what concrete you use (and if you mix it with agregate in the right proportions), the bones are probably as tough as some concretes.Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body and probably the contender for the toughest.

What legislative body determines taxes and spending of money?

house of representitives

What is the harder bone in your body?

The hardest bone in your body is your thigh bone. Its stronger than concrete!

Is Inflammation danger?

It may be a sign of danger in the body but it can also be a sign of recovery. It is a normal compensatory mechanism in the body as a way of responding to stress or trauma or anything not within the balance of the body.

Is it true that concrete can absorb more force without breaking than can bone?

That depends upon how much concrete you have, but generally speaking, concrete structures are stronger than the human body.

Is more or less blood being pumped from the heart after running?

More. Your heart is responding to the body's increased demand for oxygen.

If you shiver on a cold winter night are you shivering from the cold or heat?

I believe your body is responding to the cold by shivering to warm you up.