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well there is a great scope of IT in India..

IT hubs are openin in India and foreign MNC's and even Indian companies are looking forward for talented guys...The jobs in this sector are more but the professionals are not as dont worry bout the jobs in this sector...there are plennnttyyyyyyy!!!!...

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โˆ™ 2008-01-08 14:27:02
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Q: How is the career job scope in information technology after 2008 in India?
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What are you passionate about for a job?

Technology, improvements scope and career growth

What is the definition and scope of information technology?

The definition and scope of information technology is the application of telecommunications and computers to store, manipulate and transfer data. This covers the entire business sector and other industries.

What is the scope of biology in India?

The scope of biology is quite good and bright. If you wanna pursue your career in it. Then it would be really a nice option.

What is the scope of Information technology engineering?

bhenchod,it has pretty wide scope but u should choose mechanical engg for the best future

What is the meaning and scope of instructional technology for education?

What is the scope ofinstructional technology

What is scope of information technology in Pakistan?

i think,it is up to you.if you have a luck and potential,it is good for you

What are creative career options in India?

There are many career options in various career fields like designing.fine art performing art literature and there is a large scope for the talented and unique persons.

What is the future scope of Accounting in Nepal?

is information technology is higher valuation than banking and finance

What is the scope of information technology in India?

Scope of Information TechnologyWith the initialization of “Digital India”, the demand for Information Technology has increased tremendously. To meet the growing demands of societal needs Information Technology has played a crucial role and retained its supremacy in the industry. IT has transformed many aspects of business, social interaction, healthcare, education and many more.An IT professional is responsible for selecting, installing and maintaining hardware and software products to meet organizational needs.Scope of Information Technology in different fields:Cyber police officer (inspects information and financial theft)Virtual reality engineer (creates computer worlds)Consultant on the security of a personal profile (responsible for the security of personal data of the client and his positive image on the network)Web Developer and Designer (responsible for the design, layout and coding of a websiteDatabase Manager (Maintains database performance by troubleshooting problems)Software DeveloperSoftware AnalystInformation Security AnalystReference? Dronacharya Group- Blog

What is a scope of medical biotechnology?

There is a career scope of medical biotechnology for the candidates in the fields of biotechnology and microbiology. Biotechnology has not made its mark in India and many have suggested that there is increased work abroad.

What is the difference in career scope for a computer science engineer vs an information technology engineer?

i asked many people to answer this ques. finally i got the answer that there is only a small diff bet IT and CSC. csc deals with hardware also but IT has the paper about communication. some says that CSC has better scope than IT.

Why did you choose information technology as your course?

because i have a great interest in computer related work with latest technology ... and it have good scope in market..... so i chose it.

Scope of an information system?

scope of an information system?

Scope of IT after 4 years?

Information Technology is growing fast. After 4 years it may touch new heights.

What is the scope after Computer Engineering in India?


What are the future scope in bluetooth technology?

which type of future in bluetooth of scope

What are the scope and nature of educational technology?

nature of educationol technology

What is the scope and popularity of psychology in India?

The scope and popularity of psychology

What is present and future scope of IT?

Because IT means Information Technology, it is a loose enough definition to encompass everything we will ever invent.

What is the scope of computer science engineering in India?

The booming IT sector in India presents large-scale job opportunities for fresh computer science graduates. Candidates from top engineering Universities and colleges like VIT JAIPUR get attractive job offers from diverse MNCs & IT companies. computer science & engineering or information technology begin their career as IT engineers’. Career in IT is considered one of the most high-paying jobs and is imbued with opportunities; particularly in an era where India’s prowess in information technology industry is recognized globally. Also, computer engineers have a range of options to work in IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc.

What is the scope and limitation of student information?

what is the scope of limitation in student information system

What is the scope of Hospital Management in India?

scope of the hospital mangement system

What is the importance of scope of computers and information processing?

What is Scope

What are the Scope of technology and livelihood education?

Technology and livelihood education are two important aspects of the modern education. The scope is to engage students in the world that surrounds them.

What is the scope of Indian graduate student in India?

Depending on what field he is in the scope varies