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Well im not a scientist or anything but i know its something to do with the uncontrolled growth of cells. its like... your bodys cells make copies of themselves. that's the reason you sometimes get a because there are cells where they shouldn't be growing things that shouldn't be there. Some cancers.. like leukemia usually don't form tumors these cancer cells involve the blood and blood-forming organs and circulate through other tissues where they grow. maybe something you don't want to know but we all have cancerous cells inside of us. our body recognizes them and fights them off though...usually

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Q: How is the cell cycle linked to cancer?
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What does the cell cycle have to do with cancer?

What does the cell cycle have to do with cancer?

How does the cancer affect the cell cycle?

Cancer has a chaotic effect on the cell cycle. Cancer typically makes cells reproduce quickly and in an out of control manner.

What happens if the cell cycle is not controlled?

If the cell cycle is not controlled, then there is uncontrollable cell growth. That is what cancer is.

What can cause the cell cycle to be uncontrolled?

what can cause the cell cycle to be uncontrolled is that if a pathogen gets into the cell the cell will turn into a cancer cell and that will make the cell cycle uncontrolledif your cell turns into a cancer cell then you will have cancer cells reproducing faster than a normal cell(a normal cell is supposed to reproduce every 22 hour's a cancer cell reproduces every 10 hours)

What can disrupt the cell cycle?


What is the relationship between skin cancer and the cell cycle?

Skin cancer (any cancer for that matter) is when the cell cycle becomes completely unregulated and only performs cell division without its normal cell functions.

Why can cancer be described as a disease of the cell cycle?

Because cancer cells exhibit uncontrolled cell proliferation and constantly progress through the cell cycle when they should not.

Why do cancer cells have a shorter cell cycle?

Because cancer cells are able to skip the cell cycle checkpoints that are in place to ensure proper cell division.

What occurs when the cell cycle is no longer regulated?

The cell cycle goes out of control and cancer develops.

How does cancer affect the cell cycle?

it doesnt

How does cancer relate to cell cycle?

it doesnt

How does cancer involve cell cycle?

cancer cells are cells that dont go through the cell cycle properly and start rapidly multiplying because of one small division mistake from a regular cell cycle.

How is the cancer cell cycle different from a normal cell cycle?

Cancer cell cycle is different because they multiply faster than a normal cell and when they multiply fast there is a lot of mistakes with them normal cells take a while before they are developed

What disease can occur is the cell cycle doesn't happen correctly?

Cancer is a result of a malfunctioning cell cycle.

What is the relationship between cell cycle and cancer?

All cancer is related to the cell cycle. The cell cycle is the cycle of events and regulations that occur through the life of a cell. Part of the cell cycle is cell division. This process needs to be carefully regulated, because un-controlled cell division is called cancer. There are molecules within a cell that respond to signals and stimuli from the envoronment to decide is the cell is allowed to divide. These pathways relay mostly on cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinases. If the regulations fail in a cell - in this case, a skin cell - then you have a cencerous condition in the tissue - in this case, skin cancer.

How does the cell cycle relate to cancer growth?

Cell growth stops

When control of the cell cycle is lost what results?

Cancer is the result of a cell cycle out of control. Proposals causes tumors quickly. This happens when the cell cycle is out of control

How does lung cancer effect the cell cycle?

A change in the Cell cycle causes Lung cancer or any other cancer. lung cancer doesn't affect the cell cycle. In the interphase of the cell there are three phases G1, S and the G2 phase . generally the cells enter G0(g zero) phase if further division of cells is not needed. this is controlled by the cell cycle regulatory compounds(cyclins and kinases). If the cell doesn't enter the G0 phase, this causes continuous division of them and called a cancer. this is brought up by Carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

When the cell cycle is not controlled what may result?


What can happen when the cell cycle is not properly regulated?


What disorder can result from uncontrolled cell cycle?


What might occur if the cell cycle is not controlled?


Why is cancer considered a disease of the cell cycle?


Why can cancer be considered a disease of the cell cycle?

because cancer happens when control over the cell cycle has broken down the cell cycle is the series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide, and cancer is a disorder in which some of the body's cells lose the ability to control growth

Cancer can result when cells are insensitive to signals that begin the cell cycle?

All cell cycle phases are regulated at cell cycle checkpoints that comprise of receptor collectivities. Defects at the checkpoint of the G1 and G2-M phases lead to cancer by allowing and enhancing the proliferation of cancer cells.