How is the cell cycle linked to cancer?

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Well im not a scientist or anything but i know its something to do with the uncontrolled growth of cells. its like... your bodys cells make copies of themselves. that's the reason you sometimes get a because there are cells where they shouldn't be growing things that shouldn't be there. Some cancers.. like leukemia usually don't form tumors these cancer cells involve the blood and blood-forming organs and circulate through other tissues where they grow. maybe something you don't want to know but we all have cancerous cells inside of us. our body recognizes them and fights them off though...usually
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What is the relationship between cell cycle and cancer?

All cancer is related to the cell cycle. The cell cycle is the cycle of events and regulations that occur through the life of a cell. Part of the cell cycle is cell division. This process needs to be carefully regulated, because un-controlled cell division is called cancer. There are molecules withi ( Full Answer )

Why can cancer be considered a disease of the cell cycle?

because cancer happens when control over the cell cycle has broken down the cell cycle is the series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide, and cancer is a disorder in which some of the body's cells lose the ability to control growth

How is cancer related to the cell cycle?

Cancer is related to the cell cycle because when a person gets infected, the cancerous cells attack healthy cells and then mutate the cells and then it rapidly creates new, mutated cells. The mutated cells then attack more healthy cells and the process is repeated. Cancerous cells can be killed with ( Full Answer )

Is the deodorant linked to cancer?

Using deodorant puts you at risk of developing cancer depending on the amount of aluminum in it. The aluminum penetrates the skin and is absorbs into the bloodstream to prevent sweating. Hope this helps!

Is the Menstrual cycle linked to the lunar cycle?

My menstrual cycle is linked to the lunar cycle. I menstruate on the full moon, or within one day of the full moon. I believe there are studies showing a correlation in some women.

What are cancer cells?

Cancer A cell is incessantly receiving messages, eachfrom its own genes and from alternative cells. Some tell it to growand multiply, others tell it to prevent growing and rest, or maybeto die. If there are enough 'grow' messages, future stage of thecell's life starts. in an exceedingly neoplastic ( Full Answer )

What are cancerous cells?

Cancer cells are cells that grow and divide at an unregulated, quickened pace. Although cancer cells can be quite common in a person they are only malignant when the other cells (particularly natural killer cells) fail to recognize and/or destroy them. In the past a common belief was that cancer ce ( Full Answer )

Is cancer a disease of the cell cycle?

Cancer is cased from a damaged cell that can spread to the other cells. There is no known way to this date that can help repair these cells. There are some methods such as stem cells which can copy and replace other cells. So cancer is a type of cell. false

What is Cancer in a cell?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. It can kill an organism by crowding out of normal cells, resulting in the lose of tissue. The main causes of cancer are environmental factors.

Does cancerous cells mean you have cancer?

Not necessarily. Cancerous cells means there is a possibility of cancer or you could just have cells that are mutating and multiplying weird. If the doctor says for have cancerous cells, there will more than likely be more tests run, and things done to make the cells go away.

What type of cancer is linked to a virus?

A type of cancer that is linked to a virus is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer developes from an infection with a strain of human papillomavirus.

How does lung cancer effect the cell cycle?

\nA change in the Cell cycle causes Lung cancer or any other cancer. lung cancer doesn't affect the cell cycle. In the interphase of the cell there are three phases G1, S and the G2 phase . generally the cells enter G0(g zero) phase if further division of cells is not needed. this is controlled by t ( Full Answer )

Are boils linked to cancer?

Common boils are not linked to cancer. However, there are condition that cause boils that can be equally concerning. If it occurs frequently in many parts of the body then you need to see a doctor. If it doesn't resolve, then you need to see a doctor. If it happens and you know why it happens, like ( Full Answer )

What cancer is linked to cervical cancer?

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How can disruption of the cell cycle cause cancer?

When the cell cycle is damaged or disrupted, there might be a factor for cancer. As a cell goes through mitosis, it has to hit and pass various checkpoints to ensure its mutating right. If one of these checkpoints is damaged or missed this also may pose a risk for cancer.

Is fluid on the lungs linked to cancer?

Yes, fluid around the lungs can be caused by cancer. A doctor will perform a Thoracentesis to determine the cause of the fluid's presence.

How do different cancer fighting drugs kill cancer cells by interrupting the cell cycle?

How does chemotherapy work? Normal cells in the body are constantly dividing to produce new cells in order to replace cells which are damaged or worn out. This process of normal cell division is very precisely controlled so that the number of new cells produced exactly matches the number of cells t ( Full Answer )

What is the cell cycle of a cancerous cell?

Cancerous cells go through the same cycle as every other cell, except for that there are no checkpoints for the duplicating DNA and such to be proofread in, and usually they don't wait for the restriction signal to tell it to duplicate, it just does uncontrollably.

Does cancer cells mean you have cancer?

Not necessarily but if you dont eat healthy the cancer cells well grow and eventually you will have cancer Unhealthy while you have cancer (dairy, meat, junk food, soda, artficial juices)

What is linked to cervical cancer?

The STD Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is linked to cervical cancer.This is why young people are given the HPV vaccine to help preventthem contracting HPV when they become sexually active and in orderto reduce risk of cancers like cervical cancer.

How are electromagnetic fields linked to cancer?

In the mid-1990s the consequence of controversial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) was still undetermined. The EPA's 1990 finding that EMFs are a "probable" cause of cancer had not yet had a tangible impact on the transformer industry.

How does the cell cycle change in a cancer cell?

The interphase, (which is the period for the cell to increase its size and the number of organelles in it or to get differentiated), becomes very short such that nuclear division occurs very rapidly and repeatedly.

What does cancer do to the cell cycle?

The cell cycle is a well regulated system for normal division of cells over a period of a lifetime (genetically predetermined). When a cell is finished dividing normally, it should enter a certain phase. Cancer cells never enter that phase, and they keep dividing, multiplying uncontrolled. .

How does cancer involve cell cycle?

cancer cells are cells that dont go through the cell cycle properly and start rapidly multiplying because of one small division mistake from a regular cell cycle.

Is leukemia a genetically linked cancer?

The majority of childhood leukemics are acquired by genetic diseases. This means that gene mutations and chromosome abnormalities in cells occur sporadically (by chance) and are not inherited from a parent. The immune system plays an important role in protecting the body from diseases, and possib ( Full Answer )

Is precipitation linked to the nitrogen cycle?

precipitation is linked to the nitrogen cycle because air contains nitrogen and when the rail falls there's an average of about 12% nitrogen in the water that falls, which affects the nitrgen cycle by boosting nitrogen levels up to aproximetly 12g of nitrogen per 5m squared, which the added nitrogen ( Full Answer )

Is cervical cancer sex link?

One of the major contributing factors to developing cervical canceris Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is a sexually transmitteddisease. Around 85% of sexually active people will contract HPV atsome point in their lives, condoms don't offer complete protectionand there's no test for HPV in men, so s ( Full Answer )

Is there a link between aspergers and cancer?

I have refractory ceoliac type 2 which means I have non hodgkinslymphoma. I also suffer from Aspergers (diagnosed). I would besurprised not to find a link between undiagnosed ceoliac disease,Autism and cancer. A lot of Autistics have issues with the proteinsin gluten/wheat and dairy due to a leaky g ( Full Answer )

How do we get cancerous cells?

The current theory of cancer is "one mutation, one cancer". According to this theory, a dividing cell in your body acquires a genetic mutation that somehow disrupts the normal control mechanisms. This mutated cell then continues to grow and divide. If the immune system doesn't destroy the mutated ce ( Full Answer )

Why is cancer is considered a disease in the cell cycle?

According to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg(Nobel Prize Winner 1931), cancer cells change from being 'Aerobic'( oxygen-fueled ) to become 'Anaerobic'( non oxygen-fueled ), actually sugar-fueled! As oxygen can no longer be absorbed by these cells, our organs begin to break down and the cancer cell's need ( Full Answer )

Why can't cancer cells get cancer?

Cancer cells are already cancer, it is redundant for a cancer cell to get cancer, however, it is true that cancer cells can die, for various reasons. The reason why cancer is so dangerous to the body is that cancer receives all the same support that healthy cells receive, and is not attacked by the ( Full Answer )

Is there a link between GMO and cancer?

There are no known links between GMO and cancer althoughthere is some evidence that use of recombinant GH or its expressionin animals increases IGF-1 which may promote cancer. There are a few GMO that have been modified to be pest resistantand thus require less (potentially cancer causing) pest ( Full Answer )