How is the earth like a giant bar magnet?


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Earth has a positive and negative magnetic region.

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1.because earth acts like a bar magnet and we had imagined that there is a magnet in earths core

Yes! But it acts like a bar magnet like the Earth and has two poles on a specific axis again like the Earth.

In a way. This property allows compasses to work.

It's like the poles on a magnet

Bar magnetic has field stretched like those of the earth, like an oval.

It is a magnet which is shaped like a cuboid bar.

The Earth is similar to a bar magnet because a magnet holds other magnets or metal objects to it. The same concept goes for the Earth. Gravity from Earth holds all objects down unless another force acts upon it.

if a bar magnet swings freely it will act like a compass.

bar magnets are a magnet which are shaped like a bar and are not very powerful and are used to attract small objects such as u-pins, clips ECT.

Yes, a bar magnet is magnetic.

no, it's the name of a chocolate bar

If a bar of copper is brought near a magnet and rubbed it will get magnetized and would behave like magnet. But this would be temporary and this property would wear after some days.

A "Neodymium magnet or Super Magnet".

those which act like a permanet magnet when they are within a strrong magnetic fiel

A "Neodymium magnet." It is more commonly known as a "Super magnet."

If a bar of copper is brought near a magnet, the copper bar will be still. It will not react to the magnet as long as it is stable.

earth has magnetic field around it. actually north pole of earth is south pole of magnetic field of it, so north point of bar magnet points north pole of earth but south pole of its magnetic field.

Move towards the U magnet so that the poles attach.

A bar magnet is any RECTANGULAR object that has a magnetic field.It can be made out of any ferromagnetic substance, but it is mainly made out of iron or steel. Most of the time, a bar magnet is a pernament magnet, meaning it does not need an electric current in order for it to retain its magnetism.

Six. Every bar magnet has 2 poles. If a bar magnet is broken, each resultant piece will be a bar magnet in its own right.

a electromagnet is bigger than a bar magnet

The magnet bar is used for stirring solutions.

It probably explained how the Earth had magnetic poles similar to that of a bar magnet.

No, physical length of a bar magnet is actual length of bar magnet while magnetic length is the distance between the north pole and south pole of a bar magnet.

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