How is the economy of the Midwest changing?

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The economy of the Midwest is progressing, typically more than the nation. The Midwest has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation as well as some of the fastest growing economies.
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How did the economy change after World War 2?

Well, the economy before WW2 was bad, the Great Depression, and that was what caused WW2, but because of WW2 there were more jobs, for making weapons, and fighting, so the people got more money.

Why did the US change from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy?

Technological change mandated a change from an agricultural economy. As a subset of farmers moved from farming with horse and plow to tractor they were capable of farming much, much more land. As mechanical looms came into existence manual looms could not compete with the productivity they offered. ( Full Answer )

How has the internet changed the economy?

The internet has changed the economy because it opened up a newplace to sell goods and services. You no longer have to go to astore to buy certain things, which could translate to more sales.

How has the light bulb changed the economy?

The invention of the light bulbs really changed the economy. The production can be now carried out twenty four hours a day resulting into more production of the commodity and also creating more employment for the people too. The work can be done properly even when the natural availability of light i ( Full Answer )

What is climate change impact of the economy?

the weather extremes would cause billions of dollars, the rising sea levels would displace millions of people, causing mass evacuations. also, the mitigational ways we can do to try to stop it, like the Kyoto protocol, cost too much. to sum it all up the economy is going to be in big trouble unless ( Full Answer )

How did china change its economy?

China changed its economy by shifting from mostly agrarianindustries to electronic and equipment manufacture. The economicpolicies of importing less and exporting much also helps China'seconomy to thrive.

Changes in estearn europes economy?

Eastern Europe did not industrialize the same time as Western Europe did. This is because they were opposed to industrialization as well as the West tried to prevent the spread of industrialization. Eastern Europe has been going through massive industrialization for the past couple of decades, howev ( Full Answer )

What is Mexico economy changes?

Mexican economy at the beginning of the 20th century was focused on agriculture and raw material extraction. This means Mexico's economy was concentrated on mining and oil, cultivation of crops such as corn, coffee and sugar and the transportation required to move such raw materials within or outsid ( Full Answer )

When would it be beneficial for a country to change its economy?

The bailout does not change the economy of the U.S. - the rules and the products remain the same.. It is an attempt to redirect the economy. There are those that would argue that the problem they are trying to fix is a result of past attempts to fix things.. One very important factor in the U.S. e ( Full Answer )

How did Lenin change Russia's economy?

He turned it into a socialist economy. He took control of all major heavy industry and put it under government control. Smaller businesses were left alone mainly because the country was just too large for the new revolutionary government to take control of everything and plan the entire economy. Pea ( Full Answer )

How did gorbachev change the soviet economy?

Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, with his economic awakening, and restructuring of the Soviet system "Perestroika" eventually helped to improve the efficiency of the country, along with international trade, which was not readily available before. Gorbachev was quoted as saying that perestroika was t ( Full Answer )

How did the steamboat change the economy?

Fulton's steamboat aided people's movement and improved thetransport of trade goods, positively impacting the economy. Hisinvention quickened industrial revolution.

How did New Yorks economy change?

The economy in New York rarely changed. It is still a major importing and exporting center. It did very little change but nothing drastic.

How did Vietnam economy change after the war?

The Vietnamese economy was shattered after the United States Government had dropped chemicals on crops, bombed farm lands and imposed heavy sanctions after the 'pull out' of American troops. It would never fully recover.

How do changes in technology affect your economy?

it sometimes happends when people like the government get mad when people r makeing awesome video games and not finding new cures for st. Jude but im a teen what do i know! lol!

Are you in the Midwest?

Yes, I am. I am in Iowa which is located right about in the middle of the Midwest.

How are the economies of south Asia changing?

Econmies of South Asia is changing fast. India is leading the change process with somewhat a stable government, and revenue from IT enabled investment in people and assets. This region nurtured their human capital with free or subsidised education and exported them all over the world at very econ ( Full Answer )

Which product changed the economy of Jamestown?

Tobacco. A new, high-grade tobacco was developed by John Rolfe in 1612, and it became very popular in England. As the colonists learned to grow it, they became very successful, and it changed the economy of Jamestown in many ways.

How did the railroads change the British economy?

Iron and steel industries expanded in order to keep up with theproduction of rails, rolling-stock and locomotives. . +++ . Rapid development of towns and other industries includingmachine-tool and ship-building. Great increase in coal-mining tofeed the growing commercial and domestic market. Bette ( Full Answer )

How has the economy changed over time?

Historically, this area's economy was based on agriculture. The Soviets created a command economy. Since the end of the Soviet Union, this region is trying to develop a market economy.

How did the radio change the economy in the 1920s?

There was really no drastic change but I guess it might have helped if companies were to have advertised jobs that were available people could better support their families.

What were the changes in the Japanese economy in the 1600s?

In the 1600's, Japan settled down to a life of peace, allowing trade to grow to proportions previously unknown. The country became one economic unit as opposed to the previous many domains of individual lords. [ Whereas Japan had a relatively simple rice economy before, it now had a money and credit ( Full Answer )

How has Mexico changed economy wise?

At the beginning of the 20th century Mexico was a raw materials provider, mostly of minerals and oil. It was overwhelmingly agricultural, and the internal economy was quite undeveloped, due to a small population (13.6 million) and lack of any means of capitalization. By the beginning of the 21st ( Full Answer )

What has changed in the economy from 1800 to 2011?

Industrial Revolution. Increase ideas of Materialism which causes much capitalist views. Capitalism of its self would be free market, which is another way of saying Capitalism is the quintessence of Economy. More of this belief being stimulated in the people means typically more people buying and se ( Full Answer )

How did the global economy change at the beginning of the 2000s?

A hundred years ago, the international economy was entering the 20 th century with the freest flow of goods, services and capital in human history. The previous century had witnessed expansion of global output and trade, and rising living standards in Europe and North America at a pace never before ( Full Answer )

How did colonization change African's basic economy?

When European countries began colonizing, many believed that Africans would soon be buying European goods in great quantities. They were wrong; few Africans bought European goods. However, European businesses still needed raw materials from Africa. The major source of great wealth in Africa proved t ( Full Answer )

How did the the US economy change after the civil war?

Since industry ramped up during the war, there was a tremendous boom in the North related to the expansion in the West. Carpetbaggers went South to capitalize on the recovery and new opportunities there.

How has space exploration changed Florida's economy?

In some areas of Florida, the economy has been negatively affected. With the Space Shuttle program now in "Mothballs" areas around Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center have high unemployment rates and property prices are terrible.

How did the economy of Western Europe change?

Currently, Western Europe (in addition to many countries worldwide such as Canada, the US, Japan, etc.) is in an economic slump. Prior to this slump, these areas were experiencing major economic growth, in fact, too much to handle. The bubble burst and the growth changed to a decline. However, in re ( Full Answer )

What are the climate change predictions for the US Midwest?

The US National Climate Report 2013 predicts more frequent and more intense Midwest heat waves in the next ten or twenty years. Degrading air and water quality will threaten public health. Serious rainstorms and floods will be more common, and existing risks to the waters of the Great Lakes will be ( Full Answer )

How did the US change from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy?

I believe inventors just started creating, innovating, and building, which then sparked the revolution. People were happier because their metal was cheaper, their communication easier, and their guns were easy to take apart and fix. Also, most people believe the year was 1760 when the Industrial Rev ( Full Answer )