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How is the engine making valve noise?

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I use to have this problem, Most of the time the noise that make it sound like a whistle or Turbo noise. Its the seals are leaking its ether header or Manafold. Get a new gasket for ether of those. Use a Brake Spray to test it out!

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How do prevent Honda 2004 engine noise?

It depends on what is making the noise.

What does the knock sensor make the engine do?

It retards / slows the engine timing up when it detects an engine knock / pining noise like bad fuel are valve noise.

Valve train noise big block Chevy when hot?

Engine running hotter then 220 degrees can cause valvetrain noise. Bad fuel can also cause valve noise / PINGING sound. Ignition timing to high / Advanced to far, can also cause engine noise.

Why is a 1996 Mazda 626 making a loud ticking noise from right front of the engine It increases in noise as the revs go up but if there is no throttle it's very faint?

it will be your valve lifters common problem for the Mazda 626 engine when they start to get up in the milage

Should a purge valve making a clicking noise 03 jeep 4.0?

Yes, the purge valve clicks.

What is the noise coming from the engine of my 2005 element after it was drove in some deep water the check engine light came on now we have a noise in the engine we replaced the serpentine belt?

you have a stuck valve

What makes a clicking noise in the engine of a 91 ranger?

A clicking noise in the engine of a 91 Ranger could indicate a problem with the valves. A valve lifter in the engine may be worn or stuck.

How do you tell the difference between valve lifter noise and bearing noise in a Chevy big block?

Bearing noise is usually deeper and comes from farther down in the engine. Lifter noise is more of a ticking and is up in the engine heads.

How do you tell a difference between an engine knock and a valve tap?

An engine "knock" will become more pronounced when engine is labored (climbing a hill) Valve noise will remain the same under stress

WHY IS MY Suburban MAKING engine noise at start up?

There could be numerous reasons why a Suburban is making engine noise at start up. It could be anything from a blown gasket to a spark plug. A mechanic will be able to find out the cause of the noise.

How do you tell a difference between an engine knock and a valve tap on a '97 Silverado 350?

An "engine knock" will be more noticable when engine is labored (climbing a hill etc.) Valve noise will remain constant

Valve clearance of nissan straight six cylinder diesel engine?

a lot of noise when the clearances were allowed to be become excessive in the valve clearance.

Can a PCV valve make noise?

My car, a 2008 Audi A4 Turbo was experiencing a cyclical chirping noise, similar to a noisy fan belt ( which it does not have). A defective PCV valve was found , however, the car after being repaired is still making that noise.

What is the spinning noise coming from the valve cover area when the engine is cut off on on a 2004 Cavalier that last for about 10 seconds?

I am not sure as to what sound the noise is making but if it sounds like the engine is still funning after the car has been turned off it is the fan. Depending on what temp the engine is and the temp outside, the fan could run if its too hot.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1994 Chevy Silverado 5.7L engine?

Passenger side, valve cover, under the air intake hose, the ribbed hose. Make sure you check the hose too, mine had a hole in it making a crazy squeaking noise.

What causes valve noise on startup?

are you sure is a valve noise?? or is a piston slap?

If your 1990 Ford Bronco 5.0 engine fuel pump is making noise with the engine running is this anything to worry about?

no,if it is normal functional sound.if it is grinding or making some other kind of noise then there is definitely an issue.

Why is my 1999 gmc suburban jerking making a loud noise.?

If the 1999 Suburban noise is a sort of loud banging noise, the problem could be that the engine have jumped time. Jumping time would cause the noise and jerking in the engine.

Valve adjustement 4.3 blazer s10?

There is no valve adjustment on that engine. If you have noise coming from the valve train you probably have worn parts such as camshaft, lifters, pushrods, rocker arms and valves.

What is the problem with a 2002 Ford mustang making a banging noise from the engine?

a lifter

Why is your manual transmission shifter vibrating and making noise?

Maybe you have a miss in your engine?

2005 Chrysler pacifica making a loud noise like exhaust is leaking but you changed out the gaskets already can an egr valve do that to the car?

It is possible that a part of the EGR valve has fallen out. This will cause a very loud exhaust noise.

What is the loud tapping and or knocking noise under the hood when the car is started and shakes when you drive it?

Serious engine knock or valve train noise. Have this looked into by a pro.

When I start up my Hyundai Accent there is a ticking noise that goes away when the engine warms up?

If its coming from your engine, you may need a valve adjustment..

What does bent rods sound like on a 350 engine?

If you are talking about the PISTON RODS then they will not make any noise. The engine will just wear the pistons and cylinder walls until you have a problem with oil comsupition. If the push rods or bent then you will have a engine miss and rocker arm noise in the valve covers/ clatting noise.