Waste and Recycling

How is the environment impacted by recycling and not recycling?


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Recycling greatly impacts the environment. Here are some ways it does:

Recycling Aluminum keeps us from exhausting Earth's supplies of bauxite, which is a non-renewable mineral that is used to create aluminum. Aluminum is a very important metal.

Recycling plastic saves some of our crude oil reserves. Plastic comes mainly from petroleum and other natural gasses. Not only does plastic require non-renewable gas, it also pollutes the air when made and will stay in the environment for hundreds of years. Plastic does not completely break down. Plastic littered into the environment will continue to pollute the world. Recycling stops that.

Recycling paper obviously cuts down on wood needed. Although most paper comes from managed (purposely grown) forests, the fuel and energy needed to transport and process the heavy wood really adds up. Paper also takes

huge amounts of water to form out of wood pulp. Recycling paper saves trees, energy, and water.

Those are just 3 main things that should be recycled. Recycling aluminum prevents us from having to mine more valuable bauxite. Recycling plastic saves oil and prevents litter from polluting the world (mainly oceans). Recycling paper

saves huge amounts of water and energy, along with wood.

If plastics were not recycled, ocean life would choke on littered material and oil would be used up faster. If aluminum were not recycled, our limited supply of bauxite would eventually run dry. If paper were not recycled, we could run into water shortages and waste energy.


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