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the best in the world

Feijoada, churrasco, escondidinho, caipirinha, carreteiro, pao de queijo, quindim, vatapa, moqueca, farofa...

Now you know the name of the food, but what is the food like? Let me elaborate...

  • Feijoada - A meat and beans dish, generally with beef and pork, served with some vegetables and rice. Very tasty, though it can be a little heavy. It is the national dish for Brazil that is also served in Portugal, so it is in the "must try" category.
  • Churrasco - Basically any kind of grilled, skewered meat.
  • Escondidinho - Slivers of meat baked in layers of potato puree and coated in cheese. It's a little like a Shepherds Pie with a top layer of baked cream cheese. An awesome dish.
  • Caipirinha - An alcoholic bevarage mixed with Chachaca, sugar and lime.
  • Carreteiro - A very tasty casserole with meat, peppers and tomatoes served with rice.
  • Pao de Queijo - Cornflour bread buns filled with cheese. An excellent finger food that everyone seems to love.
  • Quindim - A vanilla and coconut custard dessert. Very sweet and very delicious.
  • Vatapa - The first time I tried this, it tasted like a satay and coconut seafood dish... exactly what it is, ground peanuts and coconut milk casserole with shrimp.
  • Moqueca - Another fine Brazilian seafood casserole. Fish with a variety of garden vegetables, though its often steamed and not boiled in water.
  • Farofa - This is a tricky one to explain, but it is basically a special blend of flour baked with butter and meat, normally something like pork or bacon.

Now you know what they actually are... how would you assume they would taste? At least you now know what you are ordering.

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What is a Famous food in Brazil?

a churraso is a famous food in Brazil

What is the most popular food in Brazil?

the most popular food in Brazil is Feijoada

What influences food in Brazil?

what influences the food in Brazil i.e religion geography climate

What are some of the most popular food ever in Brazil?

The traditional food dish from Brazil is called Feijoada.

What do people eat in Brazil?

Wow, we have the best food of the world. Any food you think can be found in Brazil.

What is a common food eaten in Brazil?

the common eatin food in brazil, is rice,black beans,and flour

Where does Brazil export?

Brazil exports food all over the world to get people to live in their country with it's food.

What kind of food do they have in brazil?

Cassava is a traditional food that can be found in Brazil. Cassava is a dish made with shrimp and coconut milk.

What types of food are associated with Brazil?

There are many sites that can give you inspiration when trying to think of food from Brazil,for example www.celebratebrazil.com/brazil-food.html will give you ideas free of charge.

What food is Brazil known for?

Dummies, you should know that Brazil is famous for FISH!

What food do Brazil eat?

it is you in under pants

What are some famous foods in Brazil?

The number one food that Brazil is famous for is spinach and rice.

What food products are grown in Brazil?

coffee beans is the most popular thing to be grown in Brazil

What type of food do people from Brazil eat?

Fruit, vegetables, beef, Brazil nuts, of course

What are some of the most major food products of Brazil?

The major food products of brazil are sugar, cofee( well this are the most exported foods) but there are many others

Processed food in your luggage to Brazil?

A person can carry processed food in their luggage when traveling to Brazil. Certain exceptions may apply, so it is best to check with the airline before packing any food.

What is good about Brazil?

The food, the warm climate, the beaches.

What is the most eaten food in Brazil?

The most eaten food in Brazil would be the traditional rice and beans boiled cooked with garlic ,and some tropical fruits as well

What celebrations does Brazil have?

brazil has lots of food such as the [igo and the doreba so i like to pick my nose cause i just do

How does climate in Brazil affect Brazil's food?

It effects the food in the way it grows if it is very cold there then the food will die because most food in Brazil are crops grown on farms so in order for the crops to grow the climate would have to be warm and sometimes wet.

What do people buy in Brazil?

Clothes Shoes Food and GADGETS

What minerals help feed Brazil?

food and water minerals

How do people depend on Brazil?

People depend on Brazil for many things, such as food exports, clothing material, fabric, etc.

What kind of food is eaten for Christmas in Brazil?

they have Ceia de Natal,Peru Assado,Farofa,Arroz,Mousse,and Pudim de Leite . That's all the food eaten in Brazil.

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