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the answer is LAVA the answer is LAVA

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Q: How is the force of the volcano eruption affected by the different types of lava?
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What factors determine the force of a volcano eruption?

The force of a volcanic eruption is affected by many factors. They include, viscosity of the magma, its temperature, amount of gas content, and the size of the magma reservoir.

How could a family stay safe during a volcano eruption or an earthquake?

For a volcano eruption, the family can be safe because of the distance between them and the volcano whereas for an earthquake it may happen if the calamity's force is weak.

What effects the force of a volcanic eruption?

Pressure underneath the skin of the volcano called plasma.

How many people are killed during a volcano eruption?

Usually everyone in the way of the lava or the force of the eruption, unless everyone is evacuated.

Define quiet eruption?

explodes with less force than explosive volcano because it does not cool and harden

What provides the force of a volcanic eruption?

Volcano eruptions happen when magma erupts from beneath the earths crust. When the volcano erupts the magma becomes lava and it shoots into the air or runs down the side of the volcano.

What provides the primary explosive force that results in a eruption?

Pressure of gases and magma build up inside the volcano until it erupts.

How does ash come out of a volcano?

It's because the force from the eruption blasts tiny fragments of rock into the air, making an ash cloud.

How many times did the mayon volcano erupt and what is the number of casualities or damage and force of eruption?

47 times in last 400 years?

What is the driving force of a volcanic eruption?

Rising magma forced up as the result of plate tectonics, gravity, or what have you places incredible pressure on sides of the volcano and causes it to bulge. When the pressure becomes too great and the volcano rips open to release the pressure, an eruption begins.

How is lava bombs made?

Not a bomb in the usual sense- lava bombs are globs of lava formed inside of a volcano- blown out by the force of an eruption.

What is the most powerful natural disaster on Earth?

In my opinion either an earthquake or a volcano eruption both have sheer destructive force..hope this helps

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