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The hinge ligament is attached to the adjacent edges on one side of the two halves of a clam shell. This allows the clam to open and close like a door.

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What holds the shells of a clam together?

Hinge ligament :)

Why is clam called a bivalve?

This is from Wikipedia:Bivalves have a shell consisting of two asymmetrically rounded halves called valves that are mirror images of each other, joined at one edge by a flexible ligament called the hinge.

Why are some stoves referred to as clam shells?

Some stoves are referred to as clam shells because they resemble the form and function of the shells of a clam. They are compact with hinge joining two halves.

What do you call A sea crature whose shell is in two halves joined together by a hinge?

A bivalve. A clam (A brachiopod)

A sea creature whose shell is in two halves joined by a hinge starts with bi?

I think it's bivalvular

What is the Hinge area in a clam?

its the doorhinge of the clam (where it excretes poopoo)

Where is the youngest part of a clam?


What are the two shells of a clam held by?

they are hinged together by a ligament called a rotoy

Is clam an arthropod?

No, "clam" is a casual term for a mollusk; a filter-feeder type of freshwater or marine animal that has two calcareous shells (valves) joined near a hinge with a flexible ligament. Arthropods are invertebrate animals that have an exoskeleton (external skeleton), segmented body, and jointed appendages (legs), such as spiders (arachnids) or lobsters (crustaceans).

What is the oldest part of a clams shell?

The oldest part of a clams shell is the outside part of the hinge. This is because the clam starts at the hinge and grows outwards.

What makes a clam aquatic?

its uses gilles for respiration and they can only move by shooting water through their hinge and propelling forward

What is a good sentence with the word symmetrical in it?

i like to learn about the symmetrical line

What is the oldest part of clams shell called and how can it be located?

The oldest part of the clam shell is called the umbo. It is the portion closest to the hinge and is found by following the growth rings to their center.

What does symmetric mean?

It means that a shape is exactly like another shape if you flip it over or turn it around. Think of the two sides of a circle or the two halves of a clam.

What is a sign that a clam is in the area clam?

You will see a clam.

What does a clam look like on the inside of the shell?

They are invertebrate. They have a foot that is big and serves as the anchor. The digestive gland has a pee green color ok the bottom of the clam. They have an anterior and posterior muscle. They are bivalved meaning they have two shells connected by a hinge. The gills are in layers on top and on bottom and there is usually four gills.

What does a clam start of as?

a clam

Is a manila clam a fresh water clam?

No, the manila clam is saltwater.

Can a clammed clam clam?

YES! I think... They can also clam up! -Happily!

What is a baby clam?

a baby clam

Is a clam a fish?

No a Clam is a mollusk.

What animal lives in a clam?

A Clam!

What is an animal ending with am?


What is the common name of the clam?


What makes a hole in a clam?

Clam predators. Often other molluscs, such as snails or another clam will make a hole in a clam shell.

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