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When you fight or get attacked, your people will use on each of: wepon, armor, vehicle. The strongest of those is selected automatically.

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Is there jail in Mafia Wars?

No, there is no jail in Mafia Wars.

How do you get properties in Mafia Wars?

how do you get properties in mafia wars

Is there any cheats for Mafia Wars on MySpace?

There used to be cheats in Mafia Wars but since the update you can't cheat the system anymore.

How can you cheat MySpace Mafia Wars?

You used to be able to cheat Mafia Wars but it is said now that you can't cheat it because of recent improvements.

How do you find wars in Mafia Wars?

Open Mafia Wars --> Fight --> Declare War

Where can you get rings on Mafia Wars?

You can get rings on Mafia Wars by doing jobs.

How do you do job assists in Mafia Wars?

How do you do job assists in mafia wars?

How do you improve your Attack in Mafia Wars?

how do you improve your attack in mafia wars?

How do you get Politico Corrupto on Mafia Wars?

how do you get politico corrupto on mafia wars?

How do you enter the cheat codes in Mafia Wars?

there are no cheats for Mafia wars.

How do you get energy for free in Mafia Wars on facebook?

There is no energy cheat in Mafia Wars. You might like some Mafia Wars Guide. Check and follow my site for more updates and guides on Mafia Wars.

What are cheat codes for tagged Mafia Wars?

there are no shortcuts for mafia wars. just keep increasing your mafia

What is 'jailed' on Mafia Wars?

On Mafia Wars you can't get jailed. On Mobsters a similar game to Mafia Wars you can get jailed though.

How do you find your Mafia Wars id?

your Mafia Wars whenever you are in the fight mode. you can see your status and your Mafia Wars ID when you attack anyone.

How do you get rings on Mafia Wars?

You can get rings on Mafia Wars by doing Hitman jobs.

Is there cheats for Mafia Wars now a days?

no there's no cheats for Mafia Wars.

What is a mobster in Mafia Wars?

In Mafia Wars a mobster is your gang member. The more mobsters you have the bigger Mafia size you get.

What is jail in Mafia Wars?

There might be a jail on Mob Wars but on Mafia Wars for MySpace or Facebook there is no jail.

What is is the loot used for on Mafia Wars?

When you fight against another mafia the items you have in loot will automatically used to aid your mafia in the fight not all items are used of course, but it selects them to help you win

Can you delete members from your mafia in Mafia Wars?

No you can't delete them from your mafia on Mafia Wars after you except them but you can at least delete them from your MySpace friends.Click on their name. Then click on Remove from Mafia.

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