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Q: How is the metabolism of red rose?
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Why is a red rose red?

A red rose is red because of the glucose in it.

What is the botanical name for a red rose?

red rose

Does red wine increased metabolism?

No, in fact it does the opposite and slows your metabolism

What is the duration of Red Rose White Rose?

The duration of Red Rose White Rose is 1.83 hours.

Why is the Tudor rose red and white?

the joining of the white and red rose. House of york is the white rose and the house of lancashire is the red rose!!

Where did the red rose blossom?

A red rose blossomed in a forest

What is does red rose stand for?

Red rose is a symbol for love

When was Red Rose White Rose created?

Red Rose White Rose was created on 1994-12-10.

What is lancasterian rose?

The red rose

What color combine to get rose red color?

Red and white. Rose red is actually a variation of red.

What is the duration of The Red Rose?

The duration of The Red Rose is 1.58 hours.

How did they combine a rose to make tudor rose?

The red rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York. Red on the outside, white in the middle.

How do you say 'small red rose' in Hawaiian?

lokelani small red rose

How far is rose red from here?

Rose Red isn't a real place.

What is mining of red rose?

The meaning of a red rose is Love and Romance. :D

When was Red Rose - film - created?

Red Rose - film - was created in 1980.

When was Red Rose Tea created?

Red Rose Tea was created in 1894.

When was Red Rose for Gregory created?

Red Rose for Gregory was created in 1988.

When was The Red Rose created?

The Red Rose was created on 1951-02-07.

What is the sweetest smelling rose?

the sweetest kind of rose is the red rose

Is rose red still standing today?

yes rose red is still around

How do you get the red rose on Mythology Island on Poptropica?

how do you get the red rose on mythology island from poptropica?

When was Red Rose - song - created?

Red Rose - song - was created in 1987-04.

When was Red Rose Speedway created?

Red Rose Speedway was created in 1972-06.

Is a red rose a symbolism?

A red rose symbolist love, beauty, passion, and the spikes on the rose means that love can be painful.