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The Hunchback from Notre Dame is written by Victor Hugo. It was printed in 1831. Quasimode is love with Esmeralda the Gypsy. She is kind to him, by offering him a drink when he was in the stock a form public punishment. The setting is the same in Paris but in 1482 awhile the Phantom is 1880s'. They are similar Quasimode is physically deformed with a hunchback, he mentally not a genius like Erik in the Phantom of the Opera. He is not really in love with Esmeralda, he is grateful toward her and is too mentally handicap to be physically in love with her. He wants is a friend. He saves her life from the cruel priest who accuses her of being a witch and a murderess.

Lon Chaney portrayed both the Hunchback and the Phantom. The Hunchback set was used for the Phantom of the Opera two years later, making Lon Chaney a superstar and a makeup artist legend The Man With the Thousand Faces.

Gaston Leroux studied Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame that he was inspired by the Beauty, Ugly and the Shunned. He created the Phantom of the Opera in 1909.

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Q: How is the phantom and victor Hugo linked to the Paris opera house?
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When was the phantom of the opera house set?


What Opera House did the Phantom Haunt?

The opera house that the phantom inhabits is the Palais Garnier in Paris, France.

What city opera house does the phantom of opera prowl?


What city's opera house does The Phantom of the Opera prowl?

The Paris Opera House.

Where was the phantom of the opera based?

The Opera is the Paris Opera House so it took place in Paris, France.

What palace is the Paris opera house that was made famous in The Phantom of the Opera?

sydney opera house

When was the Phantom of the Opera set?

The Phantom of the Opera takes place at the Paris Opera House in 1870. Sincerely, Phantomfreak6377

What the setting of the pantom of the opera?

Phantom of the Opera is set in the Paris Opera house.

Where The Phantom of the Opera locate?

At the Paris Opera House in France. It is set in 1870 Sincerely, Phantomfreak6377

Is the phantom of the opera a legend?

The Phantom of the Opera was a French novel by Gaston Leroux, very loosely based on rumours of a ghost at the Paris Opera House.

What is the setting for phantom of the opera?

Paris, France it is the year 1889 at an opera house that Christine, the phantom, Raoul Meg, Meg's mother. Hope that helps

Is phantom in the phantom of the opera real?

Phantom of the Opera is written by Gaston Leroux. The Phantom could be a real man who lived under the Paris Opera House. It was noted back in 1800s' the people with physical deformed handicap lived underground of the Paris Opera House. Gaston Leroux was an opera reporter and an investigator of strange incidents at the opera house. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera is pure fiction based on Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera both stage and movie's version.

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