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So the frog can see prey and preditors on bothsides of its body with ease. frogs have eyes on the top of their head so the do not have to expose themselve to predators if they want to look around
The positioning of a frog's eyes constitutes an adaptive advantage for the species in two ways. First, it enables a frog to see in an 160-degree arc, which is much wider than most other animals, and enables to frog to spot predators quickly. Second, the frog is able to hide most of its body under water or within soil or other ground cover while maintaining visual connection with its surroundings. This, too, affords the frog an outstanding survival advantage.
The eyes of a frog are on top of their head so they can detect predators from above. Since frogs live in the water or on the ground, the danger always come from above. In treefrogs, the eyes are positioned rather on the sides of the head.


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Because the frog cant bear to see your hideous facial features.

The frog likes to be in water and eyes on the top of the head help to see what is coming. Crocodiles also have them there.

They have long toungs to where they can catch their prey

Frog Eyes was created in 2001.

A frog can partially submerge itself and still see out of the water.

the species of frog contains a set of two eyes.

Rapid uncoiling of its long, sticky tongue allows a frog to capture its prey.

its tongue allows it to capture food (fly) by: collins azubuike

A frog does not need to keep its eyes moist as it is nearly always in the water.

They are an advantage for the frog because frogs have poorly developed eyelids that don't close all the way when their eyes are pushed out of their skull. Therefore, during resting periods, they can protect their eyes by pulling them into their sockets. (

The bulging eyes allow the frog to see both the front and the sides of the frog. Also, when it blinks, it forces the frog to swallow.

Yes. There is a frog with red eyes. Was it called a three toed tree frog?

it is an amphibian. it has webbed feet which helps it to swim in water the breathe through gills

Yes and no depending on which frog ,normally if the frog is poisonous their eyes are big so they can defend their selfs better,And if they are normal frogs There about as big as your pinky nail

According to biologists, the protruding eyes of a frog help it to see all of its surrounding day and night. In addition, the eyes are water resistant and the frogs are able to rotate their eyes because they are unable to turn their heads around when detecting approaching predators.

it is a green and red eyes frog

its not just that the frogs jump, its how they jump. If humans try to jump away from immediate danger, we would be going a couple feet at a time, while frogs doing the same thing would get 10-25 feet per jump, while their hunter is not as fast as the frog

Frog's eyes help the frog to swallow.

The frogs eyes are much prettier.

It makes it easier for the frog to swallow its prey.

they sleep with there eyes open

The eyes and nose of a frog are located on the top of the head so that the frog can sit or float in water and see and breathe.

Frogs are one of the most adaptive animals in nature. They have one liter of blood in their body.

The eyes protrude from the head so a frog can see in several directions at the same time, even though they seem to stare blankly.

The cast of No Frog Eyes Shine - 2014 includes: Eric Wolfgang Nelson as Rogue

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