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I would say use both insurance's because neither of them pay 100%. Use one insurance for primary and let the other insurance pick up what the other one doesn't pay. Kind of like a supplemental insurance. ==Answer == Absolutely use both. If you get to make the determination then choose as primary the one with the greatest benefit. Don't be surprised however if each wants to claim that the other is primary. What it may come down to in that situation is the one that was in place first will likely be considered primary.

2006-09-13 16:19:58
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Is theft covered in most auto insurance policies?

Theft will be covered by most auto insurance policies as long as you have full coverage insurance. It will not be covered if you only have liability or basic coverage.

Medical expenses not covered by insurance policies?


Under how many insurance policies is ritchey covered?


Does homeowners insurance cover car fires when its on your property?

No, vehicles are only covered under auto insurance policies. Homeowners insurance policies provide no coverage for automobiles.

Are under 25 years of age automatically covered on insurance policies?


Can jewelry be covered under regular homeowners insurance policies?


Can you be covered by delta dental and aetna dental at the same time?

Yes, you can be covered by multiple dental policies. There will be one insurance carrier as your primary insurance and the second insurance carrier will be your secondary insurance.

Is a snow plow or dump truck covered by automobile insurance policy?

Either vehicle is covered by auto insurance but you would need to get insurance policies that cover commercial vehicles.

Is phone fraud covered by homeowners insurance?

No. Fraud is not a covered peril under your home insurance policy. However, Many Home insurance policies do have coverage for certain kinds of theft.

Is collision covered by personal injury protection car insurance?

In most cases, personal injury policies are not the same as collision insurance. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

Is water damaged cover by insurance?

It depends on the covered perils of your policy. On some policies there is coverage for water damage and on some policies water is not a covered peril or it is excluded.

Can you get third party insurance to cover your ipod?

Personal possessions are usually covered on your homeowners or renters insurance policies.

Is flooding covered under most homeowner insurance policies?

Not in the United States, Flood Insurance is purchased separately.

What are risks covered by business insurance?

Business insurance policies can be custom tailored too your needs. I would suggest speaking with an insurance agent.

If your husband and you are both covered by separate health insurance policies through your jobs which insurance is primary for each of you?

AnswerThe policy with your name on it is prime.

Who offers hurricane insurance?

Liberty Mutual Insurance offers hurricane insurance. This type of insurance is an add on so consumers should check their policies to make sure they are covered.

What is the meaning of SRCC by insurance?

The reference to SRCC in an insurance policy is generally taken to mean "Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion". It is a fairly standard exclusion (non-covered occurrence) in many insurance policies, including health policies.

Will renters insurance cover a LCD TV that fell and broke?

check the covered perils on your insurance policy. Most policies won't cover it

Are intervention programs for teens with substance abuse problems generally covered by most insurance policies?

Whether or not an intervention program is covered by your insurance will depend on the type of program and also your insurance policy. You may be required to get a pre-certification.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to ATVs?

It depends on your policy perils and exclusions. Generally home owners policies exclude motorized vehicles. ATVs usually have their own insurance policies if you want to get them covered.

Do American insurance policies cover Mexico?

Some policies cover up to 25 miles into Mexico, but nothing more. You need to check your policy. Usually you have to buy special insurance to be covered in Mexico.

What insurance is required for landlords?

Usually there is no legal requirement for landlords to purchase landlord insurance. It is typically a supplemental insurance for landlords in case there is damage caused to their property that is not covered by other insurance policies.

Is one covered for earthquakes by insurance in California?

Most ordinary homeowners insurance policies do not cover the policy holder against earthquake damage. However, additional policies can be taken called earthquake insurance to cover people's property against earthquakes.

What is ex-wind?

In insurance, the term ex-wind is when your property is affected by wind but isn't covered in the insurance. Some insurance policies don't cover wind damage.

Will insurance cover child birth for unmarried parrents?

It depends on the state and the insurance you have; in general, childbirth is covered on most women's policies, so be sure that she has insurance and that it covers childbirth.