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Whales make babies like other mammals do, except a little different process. Animals process of creating a baby is much different from a human's way of creating a baby.

*router is a device use to route communication or connection *routing is the process *router is a device use to route communication or connection *routing is the process

How can the process of creating and ratifying the constitution be described

Embossing is the process of creating raised design in a material. Debossing is the process of creating a recessed design.

the cloning process is the process of creating a clone.......

The Windows startup process is officially completed when the Windows desktop appears and the wait circle disappears.

Windows NT run processes that run on different operating system i.e. Linux, OS/2, and Solaris, because all mentioned operating systems support multi-threading in single process. while in those OS which don't support multi-threading single process (e.g. UNIX) windows NT processes don't run on them.

dynamic process of creating incremental wealth is called Entrepreneurship. so search on entrepreneurship :)

Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants from different sources and the distribution while seed germination is the process by which plants grow.

It is possible to install Windows 8 using a USB flash drive with at least 4 GB of space. The process requires creating a Windows 8 ISO, or buying Windows 8 as an ISO, and adjusting the computer's BIOS to boot up from the USB drive rather than the hard drive.

If you never rebooted Windows then you don't really need to worry about it unless your computer doesn't load Windows correctly. You could always look up online how to reboot Windows because the process may be a little different depending on the version of Windows that you currently have.

Android process is nothing but process, its like you have a PC its running Windows and over that some process is running. So, that makes it Windows process and similarly when a process runs over the Android device its called Android Process.

they occur everywhere except Antarctica because the process of creating tornadoes is the same anywhere else and Antarctica has different climate

Each process (Linux, windows) gets own memory although this not be fully so on process switch we have to use the different CPU registers and the different memory map .this is probably to mean that a new collection of pages must be to be cache from main memory or even from disk.

Only Windows Vista, Windows XP PROESSIONAL, and Windows 2000 Workstation clients can process the software installation policy.

The process of surgically creating an opening into the larynx

Process creation is the act of creating a new process. The process may not interact with any other process until it has been fully created.

The process of creating mRNA from a DNA template is known as transcription.

The Windows startup is officially completed when the Windows desktop appears and the wait circle disappears.

The process of creating websites is called web design. It involves a number of different aspects, including layout, content production, graphic design and editing.

what are hierachies are used for process in operating systems

The process of creating a global economy through transnational markets and political and legal systems