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Usually by chemical analysis depending on the substance.

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Purity is evaluated after chemical analysis.

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How we do purity of a substance?

Purity of a substance is evaluated by chemical analysis.

What is used to identify the purity of a substance?

The purity of a substance is determined by chemical analysis.

If the distillate is flammable what does it tell you about the purity of the substance?

If the distillate alcohol is flammable what does it tell you about the purity of the substance?

What are the factors that affect the purity of a substance?

There are many factors that can affect the purity of a substance. Substances are considered impure if anything is added to them.

What makes a vitamin pure?

The purity of a vitamin is the same as the purity of any other substance; it means that you have only that substance and nothing else mixed in with it.

How can you change the boiling point of a substance?

By changing either the pressure or purity of the substance.

What is used to criteria to check the purity of solid substance?

Checking of purity is made by chemical analysis.

What are the three methods used to determine the purity of a substance?

i only knw of volumetric analysis nd dat involves molar concentration of the substance, mass concentration, mass of substance impurity nd then percentage purity of the substance.

What are the ways to check the purity of a substance?

Melting point (a pure substance will melt at a certain temperature);

Is a pure substance a substance with nothing else?

Yes, it is true; but the absolute purity doesn't exist.

What is primary standard substance?

A primary standard substance is referred to a reagent which is pure. This is a substance that can be weighed easily due to its purity.

Is 100 percent ethanol a pure substance?

Yes, as long as a substance is 100% (purity), it is considered as a pure substance. But logically, there is no such thing as a pure substance.

How does melting point indicate purity?

Melting point indicates purity by examining the substance to be tested and when you find out that's what it is to be indicated.

Define impure substance?

An impure substance contain impurities. The degree of purity depends on the desired application.

What affects purity of a substance?

everything but everything itself affects the purity of the thing that has everything that makes it to nothing but is still evrything itslf

When is chromatography used on an everyday basis?

in checking the substance purity such as it can be consumed or not

Why is boiling point of a substance important?

Determination of the boiling point of a substance is used to determine the what the compound is and it's purity.

What is the purity of Nitric Acid?

Purity is a characteristic of a specific sample of a substance, rather than being a universal property of that substance. Consequently, nitric acid can be either pure or adulterated to whatever degree you may wish.

Criteria that can be used to determined the purity of substances?

The purity of any substance can be checked through Melting Point,Boiling Point or Chromatography. As A pure substance has a set and exact melting point and boiling point and a pure substance shows only one spot on the chromatogram.

What is the boiling point affected by?

The boiling point depends on: - pressure - purity of the substance

How does you test purity of substance?

well for water, to test if it is pure then you heat the substance and if it boils a 100 degrees Celsius then it is pure water.

What are the two ways in which melting points and boiling points are useful?

They are useful in (1) estimating the purity of a substance and (2) tentative identification of a substance.

What is criteria of purity?

The criteria of purity of a compund isÊdetermined at it melting point.ÊA pure compound a definate melting point. While an impure substance has an indefinate melting point.

What are the uses of gas chromatography?

They are: to test the purity of a particular substance; to separate different components of a mixture.

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