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At most DVR default settings, the recordings are generally better than videotape. However, higher digital video and audio quality require more memory, which decreases the amount of space on your DVR hard drive.

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Q: How is the recording quality of a DVR?
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What does DVR stand for?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorders. It is a newer means of recording shows, videos, etc. and took the place of VHS tapes. It is a better means of recording.

What is a car dvr used for where can you get it much cheaper?

Obviously, car DVR is used for recording what happen to your car as evidences when coming across an accident.

What are the advantages to recording DVR as opposed to tape?

DVR recordings can be searched much more quickly, and replaying or skipping parts are much easier.

What is the purpose of a DIRECTTV HD DVR?

The purpose of a Direct TV HD DVR is for recording device for recording television shows and movies in HD from satellite television channels. Direct TV offers satellite television service in HD,

Somebody tell me what a dvr camera is?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. So a DVR camera is just a digital video camera capable of recording video. I hope this answers your query and good luck

How do I set the recording time on my TiVo DVR?

TiVo's website provides a step-by-step instruction guide on how to set your recording time, based on the kind of DVR you have. The guide is located at

Is it legal to sell dvr discs concerts on eBay?

No, because that qualifies as a bootleg recording, which is prohibited.

How do you know when to use a dvr or a dvr- disc for recording movies from a VCR tape?

Movies or streaming video use -R for storing computer data use +R

How does a hd dvr receiver affect the quality of your tv reception?

A hd dvr reciever affects the quality of your tv reception by using more electricity and not enough power supply to both electronics therefore making the quality more worse.

Do they make a DVR that allows you to watch a program you are recording from the beginning while still recording the remainder of the program?

Tivo from DirecTV does this. I think the regular Tivo can do this as well.

When a DVR is paused how does it catch up to real time in the programming?

It's recording the programming while it is paused.

Can you record by date on Verizon fios?

yes, just create manually recording through the DVR menu

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